The Top 5 Reasons Cyber Monday Is WAY Better Than Black Friday

In a few days, stores worldwide will ruin the sanctity of Thanksgiving. Instead of sitting down to some bird and some stuffing, consumers will line up in the cold all because department stores continue to open their doors earlier and earlier each year.

Below, check out the top 5 reasons why Cyber Monday kicks the cranberry sauce out of Black Friday:

1. It makes Mondays better

im-having-the-worst-monday-since-last-mondayMondays suck. The Mondays after Thanksgiving are especially sucky because you were teased with a mini vacation, only to return a few days later expected to resume work activities. Cyber Monday allows you to make the assimilation back to reality smoother by buying things that will make you smile. Yay!

2. Gives us a reason to procrastinate at work

Instead of roaming Buzzfeed for outrageous articles, or scrolling through Facebook for cat memes, shop the day away on Cyber Monday. If your supervisor asks what you’re doing, tell him it’s market research or something.

Actual-Work-to-Do-Office-Thoughts-Meme13. You don’t have to deal with the mayhem

post-31629-black-friday-memes-zKY8Pretty self explanatory.

4. You can shop in your underpants all day

Anytime you can do anything in your underpants, watch movies, cook dinner, eat dinner, etc… chances are it’s a win. Grab that laptop, cell phone or tablet, sprawl out on the couch, and own those Cyber Monday deals like they stole something from you.

cory5. You save as much as you would if you shopped on Black Friday

Statistics show that deals on Cyber Monday are as good, and often better than, Black Friday sales. Plus, with all the above benefits, why on earth would you walk out of your house on Black Friday anyway?



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