How to clean a shower head in 3 easy steps

Is your shower head beginning to look like a contraption found in most medieval dungeons? If so, that’s okay. It’s perfectly normal for shower heads to show signs of aging. But that doesn’t mean that a little tender love and care won’t get that baby sparkling again.

Check out these simple steps below on how to properly clean and care for your shower head.

1. Periodic Cleaning

Cleaning shower heads

Using a mild soap and some warm water will help keep your shower head’s appearance looking like its original condition.

2. Restore

cleaning a shower head

Occasionally apply a non-abrasive wax to your shower head’s body to restore its natural finish.

3. Vinegar Treatment

cleaning shower head

On chrome plated shower heads, create a mixture of 2 parts white vinegar and 1 part water to soak your shower head for a ½ hour. This will help break down mineral deposits.

(Note: do not use on special finishes)

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