The Beauty Of South America In A Single Post Design

We take things for granted far too often. Nature’s most breathtaking beauties often go unnoticed, despite being a part of our everyday lives. The falling, orange leaf gracefully whisking in a brisk November breeze. The pounding sounds of raindrops creating a subtle, soothing symphony, encouraging the trees to dance to the song of spring. Or even the organic artistry of flowing water, constantly in motion, untampered and pure.

Everyday we see water. When we fill up a drinking glass, when we wash our dishes, when we brush our teeth. And yet, how often do we really stop to appreciate its beauty. Almost never. The activation of your faucet has become so engrained in your everyday activities, it’s easy to disregard its natural beauty.

That’s why we designed the Lana™ Single Lever Bathroom Faucet, to renew your love affair with nature’s most spectacular phenomenon…rushing water.

SB-2011We became inspired by waterfalls. The power. The beauty. The wonder. Waterfalls demand attention. When we designed the Lana™ Bathroom Faucet, we wanted it to enhance the pure elegance of cascading water.

To do this, we studied waterfalls. Their movements, motions, tendencies. And when mentioning waterfalls, it’s hard to do so without acknowledging South America. Home to some of the world’s most impressive falls, South America provided our designers with all the motivation they would need to craft a truly marvelous faucet.

Each graceful curve featured on this faucet’s solid-brass frame is delicately crafted to compliment the fluidity of flowing water. The smooth, curved spout is representative of the journey water takes before traveling off a peak.

The Lana™ Single Lever Bathroom Faucet is designed to accompany transitional bathroom fixtures perfectly. A WaterSense® Certified flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute ensures that waterfalls around the globe will remain as gorgeous and powerful as ever.

For more on the Lana™ Bathroom Faucet, and other Speakman® designer inspired faucets, please visit here.


Meet The Optimus

ddddVery rarely do we truly see innovation. Sure, companies claim to be innovating, but it often ends up as just some marketing ploy geared to sway customers.

Take for example the iPhone 5s. A true testament to how machines should work. Intuitive. Fast. Simple. But is the latest version of the world’s most beloved smartphone really any different from its predecessor? Not really. Aside from a jazzed up camera and a pointless fingerprint scanner, the phone is nearly identical to the one that came out a year ago.

And yet, worldwide, users flock to Apple stores, standing in line for hours on end, just so they can be the first to say they own this exciting new product.

We at Speakman® try to let innovation speak for itself. When we begin designing fixtures, we don’t start with how we can sell it. We start by asking ourselves how we can solve the problems our users face on a day-to-day basis.

In the world of emergency equipment, the decisions you make mean everything. And for some reason, manufacturers seem to have a knack for making your decisions more difficult, providing nearly endless options for your safety equipment. Eyewash or face wash? Stainless steel or ABS plastic? Wall mounted or pedestal mounted? Emergency shower or no emergency shower?

It’s a mess.

We thought we could do better. We believed we could create one complete solution that would satisfy all of your safety needs. A product that would eliminate confusion, make decision making simple and efficient. A product that complies with every OSHA standard and features a 100% ANSI Z358.1 Certification.

Meet the Optimus™.

Optimus Eye and Face WashA dual aerated eyewash delivers soothing, comforting relief to the eyes in the event of a crisis.

Optimus Eye and Face WashTwo, side-panel face pads produce 66 individual sprays to provide full coverage support to all affected facial areas.

Optimus Eye and Face WashA simple push of the intuitive push handle lever simultaneously activates the drenching, comforting streams.

The Optimus™ can be wall mounted at any height to easily meet ADA specifications.

Optimus Eye and Face WashPedestal mount your Optimus™ for added stability and optimization.

Or combine it with an emergency shower to transform your Optimus™ into the ultimate emergency station.

The Optimus™ is available in a ABS plastic or a stainless steel construction to easily meet your preference.


Speakman Transforms At NSC 2013

We are beyond excited to announce that from September 28th through October 4th, we will be amongst the well over 900 exhibitors on hand at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Chicago.

What is the NSC Congress & Expo? Only the largest safety event of the year. For over 100 years, industry leaders worldwide have trekked to the mecca of safety to showcase, educate and learn about all the new, revolutionary innovations aimed at enhancing safety all over the globe.

We at Speakman® are truly honored to be a part of this massive celebration of technological achievements in safety. We like to think we share a common passion with the National Safety Council in continuously striving to improve efficiency in and outside of the workplace. It’s why each year we attempt to develop new, revolutionary products that contributes to this goal.

This year is no different as we are all set to introduce the Optimus™ Eye & Face Wash Combination to the expected 12,000 plus guests in attendance.

SE-1000This unique, emergency fixture combines a dual aerated eyewash with two individual face pads together for the first time into one cohesive unit. A simple push of the intuitive handle activator delivers a soothing, full-coverage burst upon all affected facial areas.

But the Optimus™ Eye & Face Wash Combination is more than what meets the eye. Wall mount your Optimus™ at any height level to easily become ADA compliant. Pedestal mount the unit for heightened stability. Or combine your Optimus™ with an emergency shower to instantly transform it into the ultimate emergency station.

The Optimus™ is 100% ANSI Z358.1 Certified and is offered in either a durable, ABS plastic or corrosion resistant stainless steel.


We will be located just seconds from the right sided front entrance in booth #3617. You can download the free NSC mobile app here for even more additional information on the event! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates straight from the show!

The Upper West Side Meets Transitional Design

Why are transitionally designed rooms so appealing? They are so magnetizing that it’s almost mystifying how hypnotized we can become by them. An unexplained phenomenon occurs every time our eyes come in contact with a transitionally designed room…We instantly stop flipping through our home improvement magazines, our surfing through television stations ceases. And if we ever come face-to-face with one, then forget it, we stand motionless, jaws dropped in awe.

In the bathroom, transitional designs are particularly captivating. There is something about the crisp lines, the clean colors, the effortless simplicity that adds to the overall serenity of the bathroom. It has us at Speakman® absolutely enamored with the transitional bathroom.

So, we became inspired. We wanted to design a collection that embodied the pure elegance of transitional designs. A collection that combined the respected aspects of both modern and traditional designs together perfectly.

Meet the Chelsea™ Collection

Chelsea-Room-MainInspired by the timeless sophistication of the Manhattan neighborhood for which it shares its name, the Chelsea™ Collection features fluid curves and distinct characteristics.

The Chelsea™ Collection includes a fixed shower head with Anystream® technology, a centerset and widespread bathroom faucet, coordinated shower valve trims, and various shower combination systems to suit whatever bathroom layout you have.

Chelsea Shower Head

Chelsea Shower Head

Chelsea Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Valve Trim

Chelsea Valve Trim

Chelsea Shower Combination

Chelsea Shower Combination

For more on the Chelsea™ Collection, and our other Shower and Bath Collections, please visit here.

Speakman Proud To Announce Kevin Mayer as National Sales Manager

One man…With one mission…To be sent on an epic quest to expand Speakman’s Kingdom in the commercial and specification realm. His journey will not be easy, for he will be constantly tried by the likes of airport layovers, continental breakfasts, and Customer Service employees from notable rental car companies.

His task, which will take him to various regions across our nation, will change the world of commercial plumbing as we know it. For years, establishments have been using mediocre fixtures to satisfy their needs. Fixtures that grow flimsy with time. Fixtures whom costs do not reflect their quality. Fixtures that are undeserving of their place in this world. It is this man’s mission to show the difference Speakman® commercial plumbing makes.

Such a task must be bestowed upon capable hands. Hands that have traveled far and wide that know the tales of the trade inside and out. For this task needith hands that have slayed countless sales meetings, survived through numerous mundane luncheons, and endured the most excruciating of webinars.

For this task is to be trusted in the hands of just one man, Kevin Mayer, Speakman’s new National Sales Manager.32524ee

Okay, so maybe we went a little bit overboard. But what can we say? We have a flair for the dramatic.

But in all seriousness, we are beyond excited to introduce Kevin Mayer as our new National Sales Manager.

As mentioned before in Medieval lingo, Kevin will be responsible for growing the commercial and specification channel. Kevin comes highly qualified for this position as having previous leadership roles at ECR International, Briggs Industries and Kohler. Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Southeastern Louisiana University and currently resides in Texas with his wife and two children. Until the end of 2013, Kevin will also be directly managing our West Cost specification reps as well.

We at Speakman® are more than proud to have the extremely talented hands of Kevin Mayer joining our team.

To get in touch with Kevin on all things commercial plumbing related, or how to slay a horrific sales meeting, email him at


Keeping Semesters Safe Since 1869

In between skipping classes, taking naps at 3 pm, complaining about textbook prices, taking selfies with puckered kissy faces, eating pizza in the middle of the night, wearing the same pair of sweatpants all week-long, going to the gym for only the first month of the semester and citing Wikipedia as your main source of info on your papers…college can be a pretty dangerous place.

As amazing as college can be, the dangers are apparent. The complete and utter freedom we give our college students the second parents pull away from campus can lead to some pretty unsafe situations.



For all the things that keep mom and dad up at night, safety in the classroom shouldn’t be one of them. But when you think about it, depending on your major, the classroom can potentially be an extremely hazardous environment. Of the 10 most popular college majors, 2 of them, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Health Professions and Clinical Sciences, deal directly with harmful chemicals and dangerous equipment regularly.



Luckily, groups like CSHEMA, Campus Safety, Health, and Environment Management Association, are in place to address the unique safety challenges that are found on a college or university campus setting. CSHEMA, founded in 1954, addresses everything from disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals to the most basic of human concerns, like ensuring a safe working environment for students and personnel.

And from July 12th to the 17th, CSHEMA will be taking over the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld for their 60th annual conference on all things safety. And we at Speakman® couldn’t be more honored to be amongst the many in attendance at this year’s conference.

masterBannerAt Speakman®, we take safety in the campus extremely seriously. We are consistently striving to create products that redefine safety in the workplace. This year, we are beyond proud to display both the SEF-1850 and SEF-1801 Eyesaver® Eye Wash Faucet Combinations.

CaptureFeaturing a patent-pending design, both units are equipped with two separate water supplies built within its lead free, solid brass frame, ensuring safe, cold to tepid water will always flow into the victim’s eye, regardless if hot water is flowing simultaneously from the faucet. The faucet installation feature provides for an intuitive location in the case of an emergency and also saves valuable laboratory space.

So if you’re attending this year’s CSHEMA conference in Orlando, Florida, make sure you stop on by and check out some of our products.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SpeakmanCompany, we’ll be tweeting live all conference long!

Because Some Things Are Worth Repeating

Have you noticed the surge in popularity currently circling around the decade known as the “Roarin’ 20’s?” You’d be blind not to. This decade seemingly reinvents itself in pop-culture regularly. It’s why 4.81 million people tuned in to the season premiere of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Or why the latest rendition of “The Great Gatsby” drew over $300 million worldwide at the box office (although Leonardo DiCaprio may have helped).



But why? Why are we so obsessed with a period in time that occurred nearly a century ago? Maybe it’s in the swing of social change that swept through pop culture at that time. People artistically expressing themselves freely through music, art, poetry, films, dance, etc…Maybe it is in the timeless fashion that is still relived today, as even Tiffany & Co. designed an era-inspired jewelry collection. Or maybe it’s just a simple fascination with the past, and how things once were.



There really is no right answer, all of the aforementioned explanations to our love affair with the 1920’s would be an acceptable example. But to us, at Speakman®, we have a different take on this obsession.


The 1920’s saw a revolution in technological advancements. Products that were made to last, and delivered a performance that you just can’t find anymore. It’s a principle in manufacturing that has guided our practices at Speakman® ever since we constructed our very first shower head over a 100 years ago.

It’s in this obsession with 1920’s lure, and our unwavering passion to deliver unrivaled quality that strive us to design fixtures that perfectly combined the two.

The result…the Anystream® Vintage™ and Anystream® Retro™ 6-Jet shower head.


Each model features a very distinct, era-inspired design. The Anystream® Vintage™ shower head features a bold, octagonal solid-brass frame, whereas the Anystream® Retro™ shower head embodies the timeless fashion of the 20’s with smooth, elegant curves flowing throughout its brass shell.

Both models were constructed to feature the exact same technology equipped on our famed Anystream® S-2251 Icon shower head. The performance provided by these two shower heads are outer-worldly. In fact, to attempt to find a collection of words capable of giving justice to the euphoric bathing experience these shower heads possess would be an utter impossibility.

The Vintage™ shower head and Retro™ shower head are both equipped with Anystream® technology. A simple 360 degree rotation in either direction will allow bather’s to choose from 3 diverse, powerful spray patterns suited perfectly to their preference. But the true secret to the performance lies in Speakman’s patented plunger system, which produces strong, soaking currents under any water pressure.

For more information on the Anystream® Vintage™ shower head or the Anystream® Retro™ shower head, or any of our other signature brass shower heads, please visit here.

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