The Top 5 Reasons Cyber Monday Is WAY Better Than Black Friday

In a few days, stores worldwide will ruin the sanctity of Thanksgiving. Instead of sitting down to some bird and some stuffing, consumers will line up in the cold all because department stores continue to open their doors earlier and earlier each year.

Below, check out the top 5 reasons why Cyber Monday kicks the cranberry sauce out of Black Friday:

1. It makes Mondays better

im-having-the-worst-monday-since-last-mondayMondays suck. The Mondays after Thanksgiving are especially sucky because you were teased with a mini vacation, only to return a few days later expected to resume work activities. Cyber Monday allows you to make the assimilation back to reality smoother by buying things that will make you smile. Yay!

2. Gives us a reason to procrastinate at work

Instead of roaming Buzzfeed for outrageous articles, or scrolling through Facebook for cat memes, shop the day away on Cyber Monday. If your supervisor asks what you’re doing, tell him it’s market research or something.

Actual-Work-to-Do-Office-Thoughts-Meme13. You don’t have to deal with the mayhem

post-31629-black-friday-memes-zKY8Pretty self explanatory.

4. You can shop in your underpants all day

Anytime you can do anything in your underpants, watch movies, cook dinner, eat dinner, etc… chances are it’s a win. Grab that laptop, cell phone or tablet, sprawl out on the couch, and own those Cyber Monday deals like they stole something from you.

cory5. You save as much as you would if you shopped on Black Friday

Statistics show that deals on Cyber Monday are as good, and often better than, Black Friday sales. Plus, with all the above benefits, why on earth would you walk out of your house on Black Friday anyway?



And in honor of Cyber Monday, Speakman® will be offering our Vintage™ and Retro™ 6 Jet Solid Brass Shower Heads in Polished Chrome. To take part in this incredible, one day only deal, make sure you visit here on Cyber Monday.



The Upper West Side Meets Transitional Design

Why are transitionally designed rooms so appealing? They are so magnetizing that it’s almost mystifying how hypnotized we can become by them. An unexplained phenomenon occurs every time our eyes come in contact with a transitionally designed room…We instantly stop flipping through our home improvement magazines, our surfing through television stations ceases. And if we ever come face-to-face with one, then forget it, we stand motionless, jaws dropped in awe.

In the bathroom, transitional designs are particularly captivating. There is something about the crisp lines, the clean colors, the effortless simplicity that adds to the overall serenity of the bathroom. It has us at Speakman® absolutely enamored with the transitional bathroom.

So, we became inspired. We wanted to design a collection that embodied the pure elegance of transitional designs. A collection that combined the respected aspects of both modern and traditional designs together perfectly.

Meet the Chelsea™ Collection

Chelsea-Room-MainInspired by the timeless sophistication of the Manhattan neighborhood for which it shares its name, the Chelsea™ Collection features fluid curves and distinct characteristics.

The Chelsea™ Collection includes a fixed shower head with Anystream® technology, a centerset and widespread bathroom faucet, coordinated shower valve trims, and various shower combination systems to suit whatever bathroom layout you have.

Chelsea Shower Head

Chelsea Shower Head

Chelsea Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Chelsea Valve Trim

Chelsea Valve Trim

Chelsea Shower Combination

Chelsea Shower Combination

For more on the Chelsea™ Collection, and our other Shower and Bath Collections, please visit here.

The Science Of Shower: Singing, Thinking, And Philosophizing In The Shower

A mystical, unexplained phenomenon occurs every time we step in to the shower. It’s in that brief time frame between drawing back your shower curtain and turning off the water where the answers to life’s most plaguing questions effortlessly become solved.

But why? Is there a reasonable explanation behind these mysterious events? Why on earth do we find solutions to our toughest conundrums while rinsing out our hair? Is there a reason why we sometimes stand lifeless, almost zombie like, absorbed in a state of near comatose as we day-dream our hot water away? And can someone please tell us why we belt out ballads as if we are winners of American Idol, when in all reality we sound like electrified cats?

Why do we do the things that we do in the shower?

showerWe at Speakman® needed answers. So we hired the nation’s top shower scientists, and collectively conducted experiments with over 500 participants, studying everything from brain waves during bathing, to the most common songs sung in the shower.

Our results?

Nothing…because we didn’t actually do that. But what we did do was send our crack research team out into the darkest depths of the World Wide Web to find answers. And what they found was that yes, there are reasons why we do what we do in the shower. For starters, interruptions are rare. Unless you’re one of those people who can’t go 5 minutes without being an arm’s length away from your cell phone, chances are you leave your iPhone outside of the bathroom. Which means that the lack of texts, tweets, and Candy Crush allows your mind to self-reflect. Also, the rush of water creates a sort of “white noise” that drowns out outside sounds, making concentration easier to come by.

Additionally, the shower has a direct impact on our senses. When we take a nice, warm shower, we become relaxed. When we become relaxed, we release a simple, organic chemical known as dopamine. Now, without getting to “sciencey,” the more dopamine that is released, the more creative we become, making the shower the ideal platform to, literally, get those creative juices flowing. It’s the reason why we come up with so many incredible ideas in the shower.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Are you still with us? Great, because the release of brain chemicals, technical talk, and the perfect positioning of the moon still doesn’t explain why we treat our soap bars like they are microphones.

One logical solution is that we assume we can’t be heard because we ourselves can’t hear past the confines of our shower doors. And although that may be true, the real reason behind our showering symphonies is hidden within your bathroom walls. The small, confined space of the bathroom, paired with hard surfaces and lack of cushioned upholsteries, combine to make an acoustically pleasing environment where our voices are enriched and sound quality improves.

So, please stop kidding yourself. There is a reason why your best audience is a bottle of shampoo and an exfoliating loofah, and not a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden.

So, there you have it. If you haven’t fallen asleep during the duration of this blog, we thank you for your undivided attention. We hope we have answered the questions as to “Why do we sing in the shower?” or “Why do we get our best ideas in the shower?“. If you fall into the category of bathing day dreamers, showering philosophers, or bathtub rock stars, we leave you with this paraphrased quote from the brilliant Mark Twain:

“Sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching, and make sure you have a shower mat during these actions so you don’t fall and potentially hurt yourself.”

Have any other unexplained bathroom phenomenons? Let us know! Be our friends on Facebook and Twitter and tell us all about it!

The Luxurious Side of Mother Nature

It doesn’t really matter what romantic comedy it is – cause we could probably name a dozen off-hand – where somewhere along in the movie there is a scene where the on-screen couple enthusiastically run in slow motion towards each other, romantically collide, limbs entangled and passionately lock lips as a torrential downpour crashes down upon them.

There is something incredibly romantic about being completely drenched in a rain storm. Allowing the steady streams of rain drops to absorb your body can be an incredibly intimate moment. You can picture it can’t you? Standing in the street, arms stretched open, eyes closed, water soaking every inch of your existence.

We at Speakman® have become absolutely obsessed with this experience. To create a shower head that embodies the luxurious side of Mother Nature. To create a shower head that captures the very essence of Mother Nature.

But to be blunt, we believe that even Mother Nature herself could not conjure clouds perfect enough to produce the heavy rains spilling from the Speakman® Rainstream Rain Shower.

Available in either a round or square frame, the Speakman® Modern Rainstream Rain Shower features 96 individual flood-soaking currents flowing from 12 patented Rainstream spray nozzles. A durable, solid-brass construction ensures that even the unpredictability of the weather will never interrupt your morning monsoon.

captureBut it wasn’t enough, we thought we could do better. We thought we could drive this euphoric experience to a level that has yet to be explored. To create a unit that would provide users with a complete, spa-like experience right in their very own bathroom.

But we also knew the opinions associated with these products. That they’re daunting, expensive and typically require massive bathroom renovations. We thought we could remedy this assumption.

So we tested our engineers to develop an all-in-one bathroom fixture that wouldn’t require an extensive installation, but still provide an outer-worldly bathing experience.

The result…the Speakman Rainstream Waterslide.

sws-1003-bn_waterslide-rainroundThe Rainstream Waterslide features our Modern Rainstream™ Rain Shower with our Neo™ Anystream® hand shower. The Waterslide installs into your shower’s existing water source, meaning you won’t have to completely renovate your established plumbing system. A simple flip of the diverter switch allows you to choose between which setting you prefer. The Neo™ modern hand shower, equipped with Anystream® technology, is attached to an adjustable slide bar which can be easily positioned to your desired preference.

Mother Nature…eat your heart out.

For more information on the Speakman® Rainstream™ Waterslide, and our line of Modern Rainstream™ Rain Showers, please visit here.

Hotel Management Magazine Features Speakman Shower Experience

Do you subscribe to Hotel Management Magazine? Do you wonder why hotel’s choose Speakman to satisfy their guest’s shower expectations? Make sure you pick up August’s edition of Hotel Management!

Hotel Management featured an engaging article, “Under Pressure: What the Shower Experience Means to guest satisfaction.” Speakman shower heads were featured, as our patented Anystream technology guarantees high performance under any water pressure. Guests remember their shower, good or bad. But, hotels that choose Speakman know that their guests will never have a bad shower experience. And, these happy guests remember the hotel chain and expect the same showerhead any location they travel to. 

Speakman S-2251 featured in House Beautiful’s June 2012 Edition

House Beautiful June 2012

June issue of House Beautiful Magazine has featured Speakman’s Solid Brass  S-2251 showerhead! The column “Master Class” features an interview from interior designer Victoria Hagan, who throughout the article gives great designer tips. In regards to Speakman’s  showerhead, she states ” All my Clients Love the Speakman Anystream Showerhead. It’s Got Good Pressure and is Easily Adjustable.”   Thanks House Beautiful! We couldn’t agree more!




Speakman’s Newest Showerhead – Anystream Assana!

Speakman Company is pleased to introduce the Anystream® Assana™ Showerhead. The Anystream® Assana is a new showerhead added to the Speakman shower products line in Fall 2011.
The Anystream® Assana features a spa design aesthetic coupled with a traditional rain showerhead sensibility. The showerhead is available in both polished chrome and brushed nickel as well as a WaterSense® certified 2.0 GPM flow rates.
The Assana showerheads feature the innovative Anystream 360º™ spray technology. Developed by Speakman’s engineering team, Anystream 360º™ spray technology allows Speakman Anystream showerheads to achieve a 360º rotation to the spray adjusting mechanism (handle or faceplate). This adjustability allows the user to make small incremental adjustments to the spray of the showerhead and transition effortlessly through an infinite number of sprays. Speakman’s Assana showerhead smoothly transitions through 360 degrees of unique sprays by turning the faceplate.
To learn more about the Assana showerhead as well as the full Speakman Shower products line, please visit