Meet The Optimus

ddddVery rarely do we truly see innovation. Sure, companies claim to be innovating, but it often ends up as just some marketing ploy geared to sway customers.

Take for example the iPhone 5s. A true testament to how machines should work. Intuitive. Fast. Simple. But is the latest version of the world’s most beloved smartphone really any different from its predecessor? Not really. Aside from a jazzed up camera and a pointless fingerprint scanner, the phone is nearly identical to the one that came out a year ago.

And yet, worldwide, users flock to Apple stores, standing in line for hours on end, just so they can be the first to say they own this exciting new product.

We at Speakman® try to let innovation speak for itself. When we begin designing fixtures, we don’t start with how we can sell it. We start by asking ourselves how we can solve the problems our users face on a day-to-day basis.

In the world of emergency equipment, the decisions you make mean everything. And for some reason, manufacturers seem to have a knack for making your decisions more difficult, providing nearly endless options for your safety equipment. Eyewash or face wash? Stainless steel or ABS plastic? Wall mounted or pedestal mounted? Emergency shower or no emergency shower?

It’s a mess.

We thought we could do better. We believed we could create one complete solution that would satisfy all of your safety needs. A product that would eliminate confusion, make decision making simple and efficient. A product that complies with every OSHA standard and features a 100% ANSI Z358.1 Certification.

Meet the Optimus™.

Optimus Eye and Face WashA dual aerated eyewash delivers soothing, comforting relief to the eyes in the event of a crisis.

Optimus Eye and Face WashTwo, side-panel face pads produce 66 individual sprays to provide full coverage support to all affected facial areas.

Optimus Eye and Face WashA simple push of the intuitive push handle lever simultaneously activates the drenching, comforting streams.

The Optimus™ can be wall mounted at any height to easily meet ADA specifications.

Optimus Eye and Face WashPedestal mount your Optimus™ for added stability and optimization.

Or combine it with an emergency shower to transform your Optimus™ into the ultimate emergency station.

The Optimus™ is available in a ABS plastic or a stainless steel construction to easily meet your preference.



Keeping Semesters Safe Since 1869

In between skipping classes, taking naps at 3 pm, complaining about textbook prices, taking selfies with puckered kissy faces, eating pizza in the middle of the night, wearing the same pair of sweatpants all week-long, going to the gym for only the first month of the semester and citing Wikipedia as your main source of info on your papers…college can be a pretty dangerous place.

As amazing as college can be, the dangers are apparent. The complete and utter freedom we give our college students the second parents pull away from campus can lead to some pretty unsafe situations.



For all the things that keep mom and dad up at night, safety in the classroom shouldn’t be one of them. But when you think about it, depending on your major, the classroom can potentially be an extremely hazardous environment. Of the 10 most popular college majors, 2 of them, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Health Professions and Clinical Sciences, deal directly with harmful chemicals and dangerous equipment regularly.



Luckily, groups like CSHEMA, Campus Safety, Health, and Environment Management Association, are in place to address the unique safety challenges that are found on a college or university campus setting. CSHEMA, founded in 1954, addresses everything from disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals to the most basic of human concerns, like ensuring a safe working environment for students and personnel.

And from July 12th to the 17th, CSHEMA will be taking over the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld for their 60th annual conference on all things safety. And we at Speakman® couldn’t be more honored to be amongst the many in attendance at this year’s conference.

masterBannerAt Speakman®, we take safety in the campus extremely seriously. We are consistently striving to create products that redefine safety in the workplace. This year, we are beyond proud to display both the SEF-1850 and SEF-1801 Eyesaver® Eye Wash Faucet Combinations.

CaptureFeaturing a patent-pending design, both units are equipped with two separate water supplies built within its lead free, solid brass frame, ensuring safe, cold to tepid water will always flow into the victim’s eye, regardless if hot water is flowing simultaneously from the faucet. The faucet installation feature provides for an intuitive location in the case of an emergency and also saves valuable laboratory space.

So if you’re attending this year’s CSHEMA conference in Orlando, Florida, make sure you stop on by and check out some of our products.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SpeakmanCompany, we’ll be tweeting live all conference long!

What’s Safe in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

logoSpeakman Company is proud to announce that they will be one of the record-breaking 500-plus exhibitors at this year’s ASSE Safety 2013 Conference in Las Vegas on June 24th-27th.

The Safety 2013 Professional Development Conference and Exposition held by the American Society of Engineers (ASSE), is the largest Safety and Health event of the year with an expected 4,000 guests in attendance.

For more than 50 years, ASSE’s Safety Conference allows attendees the opportunity to evaluate their current safety practices, develop new skills, and network with a powerful community of colleagues.

This year, Speakman® is proud to be displaying their SEF-1850 Eyesaver™ Eye Wash Faucet Combination. The SEF-1850 combines a fully-functional laboratory faucet with an independently operated eye wash. Two separate water supplies built within the SEF-1850 ensure that non-scalding water will always flow from the eyewash.

Speakman® will also be showing off the SEF-1801 Eyesaver™ Eye Wash Faucet Combination, which features the exact same technology as the SEF-1850, but features a widespread laboratory faucet design.

These 2 in 1 revolutionary eye wash systems save valuable laboratory space, provides an instinctive location when posed with an emergency and takes safety in the laboratory to a whole new level.


For more on Speakman®, and the SEF family of eye washes, be sure to stop by Speakman’s booth at the ASSE Safety 2013 conference on June 24th to the 27th.


Introducing the SEF-1801: Your Eye’s Best Friend

Our eyes are important. That much is obvious. Those tiny spheres that sit on your face make sense of the world we view around us. They take in so much information each and every second that it is truly incredible how our eyes are capable to send such vital information to our brain so quickly.

But our eyes, as incredible as they are, are extremely sensitive. Aside from the natural pair of security guards they have on them at all times, our eyelids, they are still extremely vulnerable to hazardous materials regularly, especially in the workplace.



In a study conducted by the U.S. Labor Bureau, 27,450 workplace non-fatal injuries resulted in days out of work in 2008. Of those, about 10 percent were from chemical burns, that’s where Speakman comes in.

Chemical eye burns are a serious issue. Unlike regular burns, chemical eye burns continue burning until the hazardous materials are flushed out. Furthermore, we found that eyewash stations in the lab are poorly located, and often go untested. And in a state of panic, victims tend to instinctively turn to the sink for relief, which is not only an inefficient way of treating eye burns, but can also cause more damage than relief if scalding-hot water is inadvertently turned on in the midst of a crisis.

We think we could do better in the world of eye safety. Nearly 80 percent of vision problems worldwide are avoidable. So at Speakman, we challenged our team of engineers to develop products that would remedy existing issues in laboratory safety.

The result…the SEF-1801 “Eyesaver”.

SEF-1801The SEF-1801 is a revolutionary new, patent-pending, eyewash station that combines an independently operated eye wash with a fully functional widespread laboratory faucet. The two units can work independently or simultaneously with each other. The installation into a sink allows the recommended weekly testing to be simple and mess-free. Aerated sprays ensure a soothing, comfortable flush when in need of relief. And most importantly, two separate water supplies built within the SEF-1801 guarantees that safe, tepid water will consistently flow from the eyewash, regardless if scalding-hot water is running from the sink.

OSHA compliance standards dictates that eyewash stations should be accessible within 10 seconds of places where accidental exposure may be expected. Basically, eyewash stations must be easy to get to at a time the victim may be unable to see and be panicked. The SEF-1801, featuring a patent-pending design, can be installed anywhere a standard widespread laboratory is located, making it an intuitive location when injury occurs, and allows any workplace to become easily compliant to OSHA standards as it can be located practically anywhere within a laboratory setting.The SEF-1801 is 100% ANSI Z358.1 compliant, ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, and NSF 61 & CA AB 1953 certified.

For more information on the SEF-1801, and other products from the SEF family of eyewash systems, please visit here.

Tips to Become OSHA Compliant

We’d like to take a poll. It’s very simple. We are going to ask you a question. If it applies to you, raise your hand…if it doesn’t, don’t. Easy right? Okay good, let’s get started….

Raise your hand if you are, or have ever been a member of the work force…go ahead, don’t be shy, raise them hands.

Of those who raised their hand, have you ever been injured on the job?…Hm, quite a few hands went up, now we are getting somewhere.

And lastly, out of those injured, did your injuries occur due to a lack of following proper safety guidelines?

Yeah, we were afraid that was going to be the case. It’s okay, we aren’t here to judge, we are here to help! We at Speakman take safety seriously. Which is why we are constantly trying to create innovative ways to enhance safety in the work place. By complying to safety recommendations and standards, our engineers are consistently inventing products that revolutionize the safety industry.


Take for example our latest eyewash station, the Speakman SEF-1850. After taking a look at several laboratories across our country, we began seeing an underlying problem. We at Speakman could build the best, most efficient eyewash station ever to be constructed with soothing, relieving sprays of aerated water…but it falls short when we found that many eyewash stations are not well located, difficult to find and often go untested due to the mess they create.


So we sat down, addressed the issues at hand and created a product that aimed to solve the dilemmas we found in the lab. We built the SEF-1850 eyewash station to possess the capability of being installed into standard laboratory sinks…which let’s be honest, it’s the first place we instinctively go when faced with an eye injury. We built it to allow both the faucet and the eyewash to work independently from each other. We installed two separate water supplies into the body of the SEF-1850 to ensure that scalding water can never flush into the eyes of the victim. And lastly, the fact that it is installed into a sink makes testing the eyewash system an effortlessly clean process.

But sometimes safety can be strenuous. Most accidents around the workplace occur because employees had no idea they were about to be involved in an unsafe situation. And no matter how many safety products we produce, we don’t want you to use them. That may sound odd to you, but we want you to be accident free at all times.

And we’re not the only ones…

In 1970 congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) to assure safe and healthful working conditions by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Since OSHA’s inception, workplace fatalities have been reduced by 65 percent, and workplace deaths went from 38 a day in 1970 to 13 a day in 2011.

Yet today OSHA remains relatively small. In fact, they have approximately 2,200 inspectors responsible for the safety of 130 million workers, translating to just 1 officer for every 59,000 workers.

So we want to help, and provide simple tips that could help make your workplace not only OSHA compliant, but safe for your own benefit.



1. Train Your Employees:

Simple right? You’d think so, but most accidents occur due to improper training. Make sure your employees know proper emergency procedures, know where safety equipment is located and know how to use safety equipment. Make sure any hazardous materials are labeled correctly, make sure your employees know what they are and what they do and how to handle them. Train. Train. Train. Knowledge is key. Your employees should have Ph.D’s in Safety from the College of Knowledge when working for your company or organization.

2. Protective Gear:

Make sure your employees wear hard hats when overhead hazards exist. And no, not the cool ones with your favorite sport team’s logo plastered on the side, only certified hard hats are allowed. And although you think wearing your hard hat backwards looks cool, it doesn’t, and it’s extremely unsafe…so just don’t do it. Wear eye protection at all times you are around potential hazard materials that can cause injuries to your eye. In 2008, 27,450 non-fatal workplace eye injuries resulting in days out of work were reported. So please wear proper eye protection!

3. OSHA:

Are you up to date on proper regulations? Do you have any idea what the regulations are or mean? Is this blog the first time you’ve ever even heard of OSHA? Well, then head over to their website this instant where you’ll be able to get oustanding information for safety in the workplace.

Alright, the rest is up to you. although OSHA has drastically improved deaths from 38 to 13 a day, it is still 13 to many. Simple steps can literally be the difference between life and death.

For more information on OSHA, visit their website here for amazing information on regulations, statistics, training and other great infomation.

To learn more about the Speakman SEF-1850, click here.

Do you have any more tips for being safe in the workplace? Let us know…Tweet it to us @SpeakmanCompany or tell us on Facebook.

Speakman SEF-1850: A Revolution in Emergency Eyewashes

In the event of a chemical eye burn, panic ensues. Our senses are rendered and instinct naturally takes over. Our reflexes instantly rush us to the nearest location of relief…the sink, safety showers, eyewash stations, etc…

Speakman3x500Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many of these stations tend to do more harm than good in the case of an emergency. Eyewash stations are poorly located and often untested. Introductions of faucet-mount devices that attach to existing faucets attempted to amend the victim’s natural reaction to scramble to the sink, but in the midst of confusion, victims can inadvertently flush scolding-hot water into their eyes.

Our newest eyewash faucet model, the Speakman SEF-1850, is a revolutionary product that combines a lab faucet with an independently operated eyewash. With a simple pull of the lever, water will instantly flush into the eyes of the burn victim. Two separate water supplies ensure that cold to tepid water will bring immediate relief to the victim, regardless if hot water is running from the sink simultaneously.

The Speakman SEF-1850 solves other safety issues in the lab. Studies have shown that laboratory’s rarely test their eyewash systems due to the mess it makes during simulation. However, all the water dispersed from the SEF-1850 will be collected in the sink it is installed to. So recommended weekly testing is easier to come by.

The Speakman SEF-1850 meets all ANSI Z358.1 national standards and requires no additional space to be installed. The SEF-1850 will save valuable laboratory counter space, solve most eyewash station problems and most importantly, save potential long-lasting eye injuries in a precise, efficient manner.

For more information on the Speakman SEF-1850, and other tips for safety in the lab, click here.Speakman1x500

2013 Grainger Show

Photosource: W.W. Grainger, Inc. Facebook

Photosource: W.W. Grainger, Inc. Facebook

As you are reading this we are deeply absorbed in the incredulous surroundings of the 2013 Grainger Show. It seems to us that each year this event gets bigger and better than ever. With over 96 hours of blood, sweat and tears of preparation, the folks at Grainger created one of the most breathtaking exhibits we’ve ever seen thus far.

Okay, so maybe the blood and tears part didn’t actually happen, but seriously, this place is incredible. Each and every turn is an eye-popping, exhilarating experience, and we are so honored to have been invited.

So what’s going on here? Well for starters, if you were lucky enough to be an attendee at this year’s Grainger Show then you have probably already stopped on by “Grainger Town,” a small metropolis within the confines of the Orange County Convention Center dedicated to all things Grainger.

We made a few stops to Grainger Town ourselves. We took a campus tour of “Grainger University,” where we took a crash course lessons on everything we need to know Grainger. And of course, no stop to “Grainger Town” is complete without a stop at the “Grainger General Store,” where we were able to choose from tons of products that can help us get any job done.

Photosource: W.W. Grainger, Inc Facebook

Photosource: W.W. Grainger, Inc Facebook

Photosource: W.W. Grainger, Inc Facebook

Photosource: W.W. Grainger, Inc Facebook

20130311_082757.jpgWe are honored to have our very own booth at the Grainger Show, and if you haven’t stopped by yet we suggest you get on that this very instant! In fact, stop reading this blog, head over to booth no. 922 and say hello.

For starters, our hosts are awesome…and they’d be glad to inform you on any or all things Speakman, or we could talk about this new Pope election, the crazy winning streak the Miami Heat are on or just about anything at all…We just love getting to meet new people!

But the main rock star of our booth is our new Speakman SEF-1850:

SEF-1850This bad boy will completely revolutionize the eye wash industry and change the way we think of safety equipment. Apart from being capable of being installed into most standard laboratory faucets (a place we instinctively go in the event of emergencies), this baby has two separate water supplies built within its body. So say in the midst of confusion you turn the hot water on and pull on the lever for the eye wash to activate, cold to tepid water will consistently flush from the eye wash portion of the unit, ensuring safe, soothing aerated water every single time.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the Grainger Bear will. This little guy absolutely LOVED the SEF-1850

BFQAwROCIAII10fSadly, all good things must end. Tomorrow is our last day in the beautifully sunny Orlando, Florida. But there is still some time to come on over to booth 922 and check out our awesome line of innovative Speakman products. So come on over and make some friends before we leave!

For Grainger, we thank you for having us again this year at your tremendous show, and we are already counting down the days till’ next year!