Speakman Company Commercial Faucets Meets Watersense Standard Low Flow Rate

February 1, 2013

New Castle, Del. — WaterSense® awareness has become a prevalent issue over the years and is now in effect and is helping to transform the plumbing industry2.2 Conversion to 1.5 Reference. As a part of the global community, Speakman Company has been working to convert their commercial faucet line to meet the low flow standard of 1.5 gpm.

In response to WaterSense® awareness, Speakman, a quality leader in the commercial plumbing industry for 144 years, has now converted a majority of its faucet families to meet Watesense certified requirement of 1.5 gpm, while still maintaining the high quality expected from Speakman Products.

From many industry demands for low flow faucets from the market, Speakman will be certifying most of our commercial faucets to WaterSense®.  Speakman’s –LF option will now become 1.5 GPM.

Speakman will still carry some repair parts for 2.2 gpm aerators in the event customers have a demand for 2.2 gpm faucets.

For reference, please click to see Commercial Faucets Product Numbers.


Choose Speakman Low Flow Showerheads!

Quick Guide to NYC Low Flow Showerhead Regulations

Effective July 1, 2012

Local Law 57 states New York City water efficiency consumption will change from 2.5 GPM @ 80 psi to 2.0 GPM for Plumbing Fixtures and Fixtures fittings.

  • Code changes apply to new construction and the repair or replacement of existing structures and fittings.
  • IAPMO states that on average, a typical New Yorker uses 125 gallons of water every day. 10% of which is used showering.  Switching to low flow will average a savings of $40.00/year.
  • When utilizing a water savings showerhead to conserve water it is critical to select a shower valve that provides code approved thermal shock protection. The Speakman shower valve is 3rd party tested and approved to meet the ASSE 1016 pressure balancing requirement to flow down to 1.5 GPM

Speakman Low Flow Showerheads Guarantee an Unbeatable Spray Force at any Pressure:

  • Spray force is tested against the minimum performance requirement set by WaterSense® of 2.0 oz of force
  • Speakman’s 2252-E2 performs as seen below @ 2x industry standard at 30 psi and at almost 3x industry standard at 80 psi

In fact, Speakman Low Flow Showerheads were just featured in Fine Homebuilding’s Kitchen and Bath Planning Guide 2012.

For more information of eco friendly showerheads, please visit speakmancompany.com

Speakman Company (Booth # 4424) Set to Showcase New Shower & Bath Line at Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

New Castle, DE March 30, 2012 – Speakman Company is set to exhibit during the 2012 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), during which the company will be showcasing some of its latest fashion plumbing fixtures and faucets which were launched in February 2012. KBIS is the worlds’ international trade show event dedicated to the industry and will be taking place on April 24-26 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

During the event, Speakman will be displaying their latest products from their debuted Shower and Bath collections of plumbing fixtures. The introduction of the new Shower & Bath products brings a number of new designs to Speakman’s existing product line. Each ensemble of products includes a high performing Speakman showerhead, shower valve/trim and tub spout to complete the showering experience. The offering also features coordinated designer faucets and accessories including a towel bar, a towel ring, two robe hooks and toilet paper holder.

Each collection ranges in style from Modern to Contemporary design. In early 2011, Speakman launched 30+ new showerheads, four of which are the inspiration behind each collection.

A key initiative for Speakman to exhibit at the show is to give them the opportunity to educate show-goers on their latest product lines for the commercial market place.

Be sure to stop by booth # 4424 to view all the latest products that Speakman has to offer.


About Speakman Company

The Speakman Company was founded in 1869 as a plumbing pipefitting company.  Retaining its independent and privately held status, Speakman has forged a reputation for continuous product innovation and quality leadership.  Today Speakman continues to pioneer innovations that improve the quality of life for the global community.  Speakman manufactures high quality commercial plumbing products, innovative emergency equipment and exceptional hospitality & residential showerheads.  Speakman is registered to ISO 9001:2000, for more information on Speakman; please visit our web site at www.speakmancompany.com.

What Do You Look for in a Good Specification Sheet?

Speakman wants to improve our specification sheets to make them more user-friendly, but we need your help!  Tell us what information you always like to have on specification sheets  and what features would be nice to have on these sheets that you commonly don’t already find on most sheets.



Style Meets Commercial

Once upon a time there was a huge trade-off commercial specifiers and designers had to make, high quality durable vandal resistant products vs. quality stylish products.  The constant battle was to find a product which would stand up against the abuses of being in a commercial installation while at the same time still offering style to complement the space.  Finding these products in the past was tricky.  Today, the game has changed; engineers, architects, and designer have a multitude of commercial quality grade products to choose from with great style.  The introduction of these products has allows for a much greater aesthetic identity to be given to the plumbed products in a commercial building.

Today the products are not only beautiful but incorporate stronger vandal resistance and quality materials that help these products stand the test of time.

Tell us about your favorite stylish commercial products and why you love them.

Emerging Faucet Trends

This week we asked one of our Engineers to tell us a little about the trends we are starting to see in faucet technologies…

Touch less faucets, water conserving faucets, energy conserving faucets, no lead faucets, turbine faucets; all these are examples of the ever-changing plumbing faucet world. Emerging faucet technologies are constantly being developed. Whether it’s a company trying to have the first to market concept or just trying to appease the current market, development of new products is happening in every faucet company.

The two main focuses of faucet companies are conservation and quality. Style of the faucet and how it will appeal to the customer eyes is also important, but it could look great and perform very poorly.

Conservation of water and energy is the main focus that drives any project if a company is looking for the newest and greatest. The main idea is to have a faucet that looks great and will save the customer money. Many faucets that are used in commercial setting are most of the time installed with a .5 gallon per minute flow control. Most time in commercial settings they use electronic faucets that turn the water on automatically via sensing the user’s hands under the faucet. The faucets use an AC/DC electrical current to power the unit.

Another emerging technology, in addition to faucets using minimal electric, are faucets that either regenerate or generate electricity to be used by the faucet. A regenerating faucet for example might use a turbine to generate electricity to be stored for later use. A generating faucet could be solar powered, generating electricity via a solar panel that is integrated into the faucet. Both these technologies have been developed to ensure the maximum use of resources at the lowest cost of operating to the facility.

When you look at a faucet, its main purpose is to deliver water to be used for washing and drinking, that’s where water quality comes in. No lead faucets are the latest trend in providing such quality. No lead faucets are made out of brass that has little to no lead in it (0.25% wetted surface content). This ensures that the water being provided from the faucet is as lead free as possible. These faucets are tested and certified to meet standards such as CA AB 1953, which outlines the requirements for no lead faucets.

Most faucet companies are trying to produce faucets with style and functionality. Future faucets must be appealing to the eye, but more importantly provide exceptional performance.