How to replace a shower head

When you buy a new home, or rent out an apartment – you’re typically burdened with whatever generic bathroom fixtures the place came stocked with. Your shower head probably has one spray outlet that’s broken and spitting at you. If you dare to look under the spout on your faucet, you may find a small cave with some species that has yet to be identified by the science community.

But no worries. Because you don’t need to be shackled by your bathroom fixtures. Never be intimidated by renovation. Replacing a shower head is a super-simple, incredibly fast process. Just follow these simple steps below:

1. What you’ll need


2. Twist existing shower head off


3. Clean any lingering residue off shower arm


4. Twist new shower head on


Note: Speakman Shower Heads are designed to be installed easily within minutes. Be sure to apply the included plumber’s tape before installing. You can browse our shower heads here.

5. Tighten with adjustable wrench


6. Turn water on to check for leaks


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