2014 Speakman Bathroom Design Awards

Lights. Camera. Action. On Sunday night, the stars were out in full force for Hollywood’s biggest night. “12 Years A Slave” took home the award for Best Picture. Matthew Mcconaughey won Best Actor for his breathtaking performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.” And for the second year in a row, Jennifer Lawrence fell on live television.

As the award season comes to an end, we’d like to cap off these ceremonies with our own personal winners with the 2014 Speakman Bathroom Design Awards. Here, you won’t feel painfully awkward every time the orchestra cuts off an acceptance speech. No one will trip up the steps when running to receive their award. And we are 100% positive there will be zero wardrobe malfunctions.

These awards simply acknowledge excellence in bathroom design. And hopefully, these creative bathrooms will help inspire your own decision making when planning your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Best Animated/Children’s Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Arkin Tilt Architects



Children’s bathrooms should be inviting and functional. This beautifully colorful bathroom would entice kids of all ages. And a low wall bathtub is easily accessible without risk of a slip.

Best Romantic Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Gregory’s Interiors



Run the tub, light some candles, grab the wine and lose yourself with the one you love in this perfectly elegant bathroom by Gregory’s Interiors.

Best Dramatic Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: David Wilkes Builders



You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll completely fall in love with the performance put on by this luxurious dramatic bathroom.

Best Feminine Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Pinto Design & Associates



This brilliantly clean, traditionally styled bathroom is ideal for any modern women. It gets our vote.

Best Masculine Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd



The new “man cave.” Incredible design. Bravo!

Best Bathroom of 2014

The winner is: Malcolm Davis Architecture



This for us is a no contest. Simple, elegant, and completely extravagant. OBSESSED!

To grab some luxury fixtures to help get you started on your bathroom makeover, make sure you visit Speakman Company here.

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