4 Easy Ways To De-Stress Your Bathroom

With all the daily activities occurring in your bathroom on a regular basis, this seemingly innocent location can instantly transform into a medieval dungeon overnight. Clogs in the drain. Hair ties somehow finding their way onto every surface imaginable. Globs of toothpaste cementing on your bathroom sink.

Before your bathroom turns into a destination you dread, check out these 4 easy steps you can take to keep your bathroom beautiful and stress-free below.

1. Keep Go-To Products On Hand

If you’re anything like the majority of mankind, you wait until your bathroom is completely out-of-control before you even consider cleaning it. And when that time does come, you suit up as if you’re gearing for war, with rubber gloves as your armor, and a bottle of Clorox as your weapon. But if you kept some necessary cleaning utensils under your bathroom sink, common problems would be painlessly solved within minutes.



2. Save Your Fancy Towels For Guests

If a towel is there, no matter how fancy it is, you’re going to use it. But before you know it, that decorative hand towel you spent way too much money on will begin to feel like a cat’s tongue from all the products caked into its fibers.

Try keeping your old towels out on your bathroom towel ring for your daily usage and put the fancy ones on display when guests come over. If you’re the only one who sees it, then who cares… right?

SA-1104_Ring3. Trash Old Products

Have you ever been guilty of neglecting your shaving due to an old razor feeling as smooth as a rusty hatchet? Do you play this game of chicken with your body because buying new razors is a costly hassle? Chances are you’ve done this before. But did you know that most of the products in your bathroom have expiration dates? From toothbrushes to rubbing alcohol, trash your products that no longer belong in this world. And consider checking out companies like Dollar Shave Club, who ship amazing razors straight to your door for only a few bucks a month. Learn more here.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

4. Organize Your Reading Materials

Whether it’s a book, magazine, iPad or Kindle, you’ve read in the bathroom at some point or another. But if you don’t have proper organization for your reading material, your bathroom will become an eyesore. Not to mention, if you have indeed made the transition into the digital age, you’re subjecting your electronics to potential damage by leaving them out.

A simple magazine rack or some creative bathroom storage lifehacks will instantly solve your organizational dilemma.



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