5 Quick Steps On How To Set Up A Romantic Bath

“No, I won’t join you in the bathtub” – said no husband ever. Let’s be honest, taking a bath with your significant other is an unbelievably romantic, intimate, and personal experience. And it should be done right.

Nothing kills the mood more than an awkward bath-time situation. A misplaced foot here, a tight squeeze there, and BAM!, moment dead. Such a romantic situation like this deserves adequate preparation.

Below, check out some super simple steps you can take to ensure that your bathtub rendezvous goes blissfully perfect.



1. Clean Your Bathtub

Nothing says romance quite like a tub filled with grime and soap scum. Seriously, make sure your bathroom is spotless. From the tub to the walls, get-a-scrubbin’.

2. Select A Perfect Time

This isn’t college, Attempting to set up a romantic time with the risk of being caught is no longer exciting. It’s just annoying. Make sure the kids are away, the roommates are busy, and no one will barge in.



3. Setting The Mood

Kill the lights and surround your bathroom with some beautifully lit, intensely romantic candles. Just imagine the entire room solely illuminated by the flickering of tiny, enticing flames. And while you’re at it, create a playlist consisting of both of your favorite songs, allowing the music to soundtrack your intimate night.



4. Don’t Over Do It

Rose petals on top of the water are a given. You know this already. But don’t go crazy dumping product after product into the water. Too many additions will result in overly fragrant water. Let the petals do the work for you. They will naturally scent your bath water brilliantly.

5. An Extra Touch

If you really want to put a cherry on top of this perfect night, consider throwing your bathrobes or towels in the dryer before you step in. That way, you and your significant other will be warm and cozy after jumping out of the tub.



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