The Valentine’s Day Guide To The Bathroom

Valentine’s Day, a glorious occasion where Hallmark’s stock skyrockets, romantic comedies flood your local movie house, and men, nationwide, will travel home from work with a bouquet of roses clutched within their arms.

Despite how you feel about this holiday’s origin, Valentine’s Day is for romance. A day where you should make it your number 1 priority to cherish the person you love most in this world.

Now, you can spend Valentine’s Day like everyone else: Fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant. Tickets to an extravagant play. A couples massage. Or you can be completely original, and create a truly intimate atmosphere in a totally unexpected place… the bathroom.

Or more specifically, the bathtub. Just picture it. The sounds from the outside world completely fading away. A steaming tub just waiting to soothe you. And nothing but the water and the bubbles separating you from the person you love.

Below, check out some incredible Valentine’s Day decorating ideas for your bathroom that will completely astonish the love of your life.

Rose Petals

Naturally, no Valentine’s Day bathtub is complete without a beautiful array of rose petals sitting gracefully atop the water. That’s a given. But if you don’t have the time to pluck each and every individual petal off the rose, consider grabbing some silk petals that are remarkably realistic and easy to clean up. Learn more here.



V-Day Soap

Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day, I’m instantly taken back to elementary school, praying that someone would give me those adorable candy hearts with the messages written on them. Today, I still believe that this grade school gift is an incredibly romantic gesture. But instead of handing out chalk flavored candy, consider filling your bathtub up with these deliciously scented candy heart soaps. I think you’ll love the results. Learn more here.



Bubble Bath Bar

No romantic bath is complete without the addition of luscious, frothy bubbles filling your tub. Just simply crack this bar under hot running water to allow a plethora of suds to produce within seconds. Learn more here.



His and Hers Towels

Nothing makes a couples’ bathroom cuter than separate, labeled accessories. And is there anything truly cuter than this towel set? The answer is no. Check them out here.



And make sure you show them off in style with this elegant double robe hook here.

19cb37f6-a6a4-487e-8bd3-ab224243df48_300Shower For Two

Not everyone has a bathtub. And I get that. But that doesn’t mean you should let it get in the way of some bathroom romance. Two headed shower combos are the ideal solution to cohesive bathing. Whether you prefer a handheld shower head, or one that is fixed to the wall, these babies will ensure you can always enjoy a romantic experience together. Learn more here.

Neo Combination Shower

Neo Combination Shower

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