5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2014

It’s that special time of year when your New Year’s Resolution becomes a laughable thing of the past, your neighbors who still have their Christmas decorations up go from pleasantly festive to unbearably lazy, and you’re potentially in the opening phases of planning your home renovation.

But before you start swiping your credit card on fads that will fizzle by the end of next week, check out these 2014 design trends that are sure to stick around for the foreseeable future… Or at least until 2015.

1. Kick It To The Curb

More and more, we are seeing homeowners opting for the curbless shower. It’s intimate and artistic, and seems to be a staple in every modern home.



2. The Tub Stands Alone

Although the bathtub seems to be disappearing in the modern home, if a homeowner does opt to cozy up to a warm bath and a good book, they’ll probably decide to install a free standing tub.



3. The Color Purple

And no, we don’t mean the beautifully moving Oprah film, we mean Pantone’s purplish/pink 2014 Color Of The Year: Radian Orchid. Consider adding a splash to your bathroom or even some decorative wall art that utilizes the shade.



4. The U-Socket

Chances are, most of the devices currently ruling your life charge by use of a USB cable. In a world where USB reigns supreme, U-Sockets will be the wave of the future. So whether you’re rocking out to your favorite T-Swift song on iTunes, or simply keeping your Kindle charged while reading in the tub, you’ll definitely want to install a U-Socket.



5. It’s Hip To Be Square

Square shower heads that is. Unique, geometric shapes are becoming the norm in both traditional and modern bathrooms. They are eye-popping, head-turning rock stars that will command your attention immediately.

The Edge Shower Head

The Edge Shower Head

To check out some fixtures from The Edge Collection, visit here.

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