10 Rubber Duckies That Will Satisfy Every Person In Your Life

Perfect for Secret Santas, Stocking Stuffers, and of course, bath time company, these Rubber Duckies are unique, quirky, and potentially strange.

1. Book Worm Duck

61abWK8ifrL._SL1500_For the obsessive reader in your life. For more, visit here.

2. Foodie Duck

(214)chefFor the one who Instagrams every meal they’ve ever made. For more, visit here.

3. Bride & Groom Duck

31eBn7eigULFor the obnoxious couple who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. For more, visit here.

4. Sports Duck

411KMib5DTLFor that die-hard sports fan that screams at the television. For more, visit here.

5. Rocky Horror Duck

rockyhorrorFor that friend who still goes to midnight showings and acts out all the scenes. For more, visit here.

6. Artistic Duck

31090For that non-conformist, artsy hipster in your life who will probably hate this present. For more, visit here.

7. Darth Vader Duck

(700)Duck VaderFor that nerdy, fan boy in your life. For more, visit here.

8. Rubik’s Cube Duck

rd_80scube_bd-2TFor the nostalgic, pop-culture fanatic who constantly quotes 80’s movies. For more, visit here.

9. Christmas Duck

CaptureFor the Christmas / Holiday lunatic who decorates their home like Clark Griswold. For more, visit here.

10. Mr. T Duck

mrtduckBecause honestly, who doesn’t love Mr. T? For more, visit here.

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