5 DIY Christmas Decorations That Are Easy, Fun, And For The Crafters At Heart

Between throwing the perfect party, traffic, finding the perfect gifts, cooking the perfect meal, and trying your damnedest not to offend the in-laws, the holidays can get pretty stressful quick.

But decorating shouldn’t be one of them. Below, check out some fun, DIY Christmas decorations that can be easily made from common bathroom and household items.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree



The name may sound silly, but the end result is adorable. For the full tutorial, visit here.

2. Spruce & Berry Filled Mason Jars



Perfect for holding your candles while you take a nice relaxing bath on a cold December night, these mason jar candle holders are easy to make and will brighten up any room, literally. Find out how to easily make these here.

3. Christmas Ornament Vase



Not every ornament needs to be hung on the tree. These wonderful decorations are perfect for bathroom sink counter tops, or even displayed proudly on your dinner table. For more, visit here.

4. Shower Curtain Mini Wreaths



This project couldn’t be easier. Just simply grab a few pulls from your shower curtain, wrap some holiday colored yard and add a few drops of hot glue to hold it all together!

5. Glue Gun Snow Flakes



Create a winter wonderland on your bathroom mirror or any window around your home with just your imagination and a hot glue gun. For more, visit here.

And for more Christmas decorating ideas, make sure you connect with Speakman® on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!


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