The Top 4 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs A Soap Dispenser

If you were to walk into your bathroom and take a look down at your sink, chances are it lays home to an array of products. Toothbrushes, toothpastes, bobby pins, hair products, brushes, combs, lotions, and most importantly… soap.

Whether your prefer soap bars or liquid soaps, soap plays the most important role in your cleansing routine. Why, soaps and bathrooms go together like peas and carrots.

But when your soap bottles and other bathroom products decide to claim your bathroom counter tops, eyesores ensue.

Below, check out the top 4 reasons your bathroom desperately needs a modern soap dispenser.

1. Organization

Like we said above, your cluttered bathroom counter top can sting the eyes of unsuspecting guests. In order to achieve modern bathroom glory, simplicity and organization is key. By installing a soap dispenser, you’ll be able to add order to your bathroom sink.

2. Germs

Did you know that on average, you come in contact with roughly 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, exposing you to over 840,000 germs? Furthermore, more than half of the population has admitted to not washing their hands after riding public transportation, using exercise equipment, or handling money.

Needless to say, bathroom products can be a breeding ground for bacteria. One pump of a soap dispenser can avoid contact with germ ridden soap bottles, bathroom surfaces, and other yucky products.

3. The Perfect Amount

How many times have you over-estimated the amount of soap or lotion needed to cleanse or moisturize your hands? Probably more times than you care to remember. Soap dispensers provide the perfect amount of liquid needed, allowing you to completely avoid this first world problem.



4. Bathroom Fashionista

Some soap manufacturers create some truly amazing products. From beautiful, handmade bars of soap, to incredibly moisturizing liquids. But what they don’t do, however, is design packaging that fits modern designs. Like your shower heads and bathroom faucets, soap dispensers are now sleek and elegant, completely falling in line with the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Speakman SI-A111

Speakman SI-A111

To check out Speakman’s line of signature soap dispensers, visit here.

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