6 Unexpected Uses For Everyday Bathroom Products

Your bathroom is the home to an endless array of products. In fact, the average number of items sitting in a women’s bathroom alone tallies up to about 437. Yowzers. But little did you know that many of your products live a double life. Below, check out some totally unexpected, completely awesome, and even some bizarre uses for some of your everyday bathroom products.

1. Your hairdryer can instantly defog your bathroom mirror



2. You can use your hair straightener to de-wrinkle your clothes



3. Your hair conditioner can be used as an incredible, moisturizing shaving cream

Picture24. Deodorant helps prevent blisters when rocking those new shoes



5. Chap stick instantly stops bleeding from a shaving injury



6. Use you razor to easily depill your clothing



And for even more tips and tricks in the bathroom, make sure you read “10 Essential Bathroom Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Easierhere.

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