The Beauty Of South America In A Single Post Design

We take things for granted far too often. Nature’s most breathtaking beauties often go unnoticed, despite being a part of our everyday lives. The falling, orange leaf gracefully whisking in a brisk November breeze. The pounding sounds of raindrops creating a subtle, soothing symphony, encouraging the trees to dance to the song of spring. Or even the organic artistry of flowing water, constantly in motion, untampered and pure.

Everyday we see water. When we fill up a drinking glass, when we wash our dishes, when we brush our teeth. And yet, how often do we really stop to appreciate its beauty. Almost never. The activation of your faucet has become so engrained in your everyday activities, it’s easy to disregard its natural beauty.

That’s why we designed the Lana™ Single Lever Bathroom Faucet, to renew your love affair with nature’s most spectacular phenomenon…rushing water.

SB-2011We became inspired by waterfalls. The power. The beauty. The wonder. Waterfalls demand attention. When we designed the Lana™ Bathroom Faucet, we wanted it to enhance the pure elegance of cascading water.

To do this, we studied waterfalls. Their movements, motions, tendencies. And when mentioning waterfalls, it’s hard to do so without acknowledging South America. Home to some of the world’s most impressive falls, South America provided our designers with all the motivation they would need to craft a truly marvelous faucet.

Each graceful curve featured on this faucet’s solid-brass frame is delicately crafted to compliment the fluidity of flowing water. The smooth, curved spout is representative of the journey water takes before traveling off a peak.

The Lana™ Single Lever Bathroom Faucet is designed to accompany transitional bathroom fixtures perfectly. A WaterSense® Certified flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute ensures that waterfalls around the globe will remain as gorgeous and powerful as ever.

For more on the Lana™ Bathroom Faucet, and other Speakman® designer inspired faucets, please visit here.


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