Update Your Bathroom In 3 Easy Steps

Everybody wants a modern bathroom. Well, almost everybody. You see them in celebrity homes and read about them in lifestyle magazines. But when most homeowners begin to actually sit down and draw up their game plan, designing a modern bathroom can seem like a time-consuming, money wasting, utterly confusing nightmare.

Questions arrive that you never thought would play a factor in your decision making. What colors should I choose for my modern bathroom? Should I go Low Flow? What kind of flooring should my modern bathroom have?

Take a deep breath. Too often we find homeowners falling into this common trap of over-thinking everything. Today, design is all about simplicity. And before you make obscure design decisions, and waste all your money on something that will go out of style tomorrow, consider taking a step back and focus on updating your “Big 3” first.

1. Shower Heads

Choosing the right shower head is all about combining function and fashion together perfectly. That may seem like a simple concept, but rarely does it actually happen. Speakman® designs some truly spectacular modern shower heads that feature Anystream® Technology, which allows you to endlessly rotate your shower head to switch between versatile sprays. Check out some Speakman modern shower heads blow:

The Edge Shower Head

The Edge Shower Head

The Reaction Shower Head coming in February

The Reaction Shower Head coming in February 2014

2. Bathroom Faucets

Like the shower head, the bathroom faucet needs to be stylish and functional. Quality is key. Speakman® crafts all of their modern bathroom faucets out of durable, solid brass, ensuring that you can trust the fixture you’re installing. Below, check out some options Speakman offers for modern bathroom faucets.

The Edge Single Lever Faucet

The Edge Single Lever Faucet

Trave Widespread Faucet

Trave Widespread Faucet

3. Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are a very underrated factor in designing a perfect master bathroom. A bathroom’s cohesive design can easily fall off the hinges if your components are out of sync. Below, check out some stunning modern bathroom accessories that will help you achieve a dream bathroom.

Rainier Bathroom Accessories

Rainier Bathroom Accessories

All November long, all shower heads, bathroom faucets and accessories are 15% off on SpeakmanShowers.com when you use the promo code “3Way.” Make sure you take advantage of this awesome deal here.

NovPromo2013And make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for even more daily deals!


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