5 Quick Additions That Can Make Your Bathroom Beautifully Rustic For The Fall

There is a lot to be thankful for this year. For example, autumn is in full swing. This beautiful, organic season is a gift from Mother Nature herself. The world around us is a true work of art, with brush strokes of rich, golden hues seducing and attracting our eyes.

Isn’t there something so pure and rustic about the fall? I can’t help but think of a serene farmhouse somewhere surrounded by leaves gently falling to the ground.

Maybe I’m just a nerd for this season, but I think you should fully embrace the fall. Embrace everything you love about its artistry. And what better place to start than in the bathroom? Your bathroom is typically small enough that you can experiment with design without disrupting the atmosphere you’ve created in your home.

So sit back, relax, sip on that pumpkin spice latte, and check out some simple additions you can add to your bathroom that will completely transform it into a beautiful, modern, rustic masterpiece for the fall.

1. Bathroom Art

Taking you back to the days of yore, these beautifully detailed photographs and signs are perfect for a unique, vintage touch in your bathroom.





2. Rustic Bathroom Mirror Shelf

Ideal for storing your throwback bathroom accessories, this mirrored shelf is custom made from reclaimed wood and is sure to add warmth to your bathroom.



3. Spring Flowers Wood Wall Shelf

Hold flowers for fashion, or toothbrushes for function, this mason jar and shelf is a colorful addition to your rustic bathroom, and is easy to install.



4. Rustic Handmade Soap And Dish

To a world that has done away with bars of soap, this organic handmade soap and cast iron soap dish complements your rustic bathroom perfectly.





5. Traditional Bathroom Fixtures

Featuring timeless designs and a solid brass construction, the Speakman® Alexandria™ Widespread Faucet and Anystream® Vintage™ Shower Head will complete your traditionally rustic bathroom.

SB-1111_Set01-OnS-3019_alt3And to help make your bathroom remodeling easier, all November long on SpeakmanShowers.com, all of our bathroom faucets, shower heads, and bathroom accessories are 15% when using the promo code “3WAYS” when you check out.

(insert promo photo here)

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