How To Use The Rule Of Three In Your Bathroom’s Design

The rule of three, generally a writing principle, refers to a guideline that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently more effective than other numbers of things. But does that rule apply to the bathroom? You bet your sweet tushie it does.

Your eyes have been conditioned to become naturally attracted to design in threes. Rearranging the items in your bathroom can entirely alter the flow and aesthetic of the room, and can determine the focal point presented to the user.

Below, check out some ways you can use the rule of three in your bathroom.

Choose Three Colors

The rule of three is a perfect guiding principle for creating a bathroom with a color scheme. I generally like to pick one neutral, one rich color and one accent. But proportion is key. I usually rely on the 70/20/10 distribution: Use your boldest color for roughly 70% of the room, second lightest for 20%, and your lightest for the remaining 10%. Stick to that, and you’ll have a perfectly balanced, beautifully colored bathroom.

SA-1207-BN_3Bathroom Art

Pictures put in threes give a balance to a wall, and immediately draws attention. Check out a few examples below on how to use bathroom art in threes.





Coordinate In Threes

EdgeRoom-SingleLever-SB-1511Your bathroom has three main categories that typically grab attention: Shower heads, faucets and accessories. If you’re designing your dream bathroom, and these aspects don’t match, you may have a cataclysmic design disaster on your hands, the likes of which have never been seen.

At Speakman®, we try to make these design decisions easier, because it can be a nightmare to create a cohesive master bathroom. All of our Shower and Bath Collections feature shower heads, faucets and bathroom accessories that feature a specific composition to complete your bathroom.

And all this month, Speakman® shower heads, bathroom faucets and bathroom accessories are 15% off at Just simply use the promo code, “3WAY,” to benefit from this promotion, and you’ll be on your way to updating your bathroom by the rule of three.

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