Learn How To Halloween-Out Your Bathroom With Handmade Towels

Halloween can get pretty messy quick. Give the wrong candy to a rebellious teen and BAM!, your house will get pummeled with eggs. Unsuspectingly get murdered in the shower by a deranged psychopath and blood will spill all over your bathroom floor. Kill a flesh-eating zombie at close range and guts will get all over your skin, immediately infecting you with a deadly disease.

You honestly can’t win…

Which is why towels come in handy during Halloween, to clean all the untidy horrors the holiday can bring. And if nothing else, these Halloween bathroom towels make for incredible decorations during the year’s most frightening occasion.

Red Bloody Hand Print Towel



Fool your guests into believing they’ve just walked into a gruesome murder scene. The Red Bloody Hand Print Towel by Pixie Fashions is perfect for the horror, Gothic, or hardcore Halloween fan. This towel is 100% handmade, and won’t crack or fade overtime to last for many Halloweens to come. For more information on adding this horrifying towel to your towel bar, please visit here.

Skull Printed Towel

What’s Halloween without the presence of a ghoulish, creepy skeleton head? This skull imprinted towel is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. In fact, this towel is so absorbent you may consider having your paper towels R.I.P. For more, please visit here.



I ❤ Zombies



Zombies are considered to be mindless, callous creatures whose soul purpose is to feed on the flesh of the living. Well we disagree. We think that deep down, under all those decaying layers of skin, lives a caring, thoughtful soul just dying to prove you wrong. Show your support for the living dead with this hilarious handmade towel. For more, please visit here.

Sweet Zombie



See? Didn’t we tell you zombies can be considerate deep down? Sure, this intricately embroidered zombie is munching on a still-beating heart, but clearly he has cupcakes on the mind. And that’s gotta count for something, right? To find out how to display this adorable zombie on your towel ring, please visit here.

If The Broom Fits, Ride It

This catchy slogan and beautiful design makes this handmade embroidered towel the perfect statement for Halloween. Unleash your inner witch and cast a spell on your party guests with this unique, fun towel. For more, please visit here.



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