2 Is Better Than 1

How many times have you had it out with your significant other over a bathroom disagreement? Probably more times than you’d care to remember. Leaving the toilet seat up. Not replacing the toilet paper. Using each other’s soaps, towels, toothpastes, deodorants, etc…

The bathroom has become a relationship war zone, where each side is relentlessly vying for dominance. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The bathroom should be a sacred destination where you can coexist harmoniously with each other. But to exist mutually, you need to start thinking separately. In the bathroom, 2 is better than 1.

What do we mean by that? We mean that you should grab some cute, fun bathroom accessories that add flavor to your bathroom while subtly keeping fight club at bay.

Lips and Mustache Towels



Cute, quirky and handmade, these beautiful his and hers towels from The Crotchet Towel features distinct graphics to decipher which towel belongs to who. For more, please visit here.

His & Hers Soaps

Completely customizable with your choice of colors and fragrances, these His & Hers soap bars from Jilly Bunny’s Imaginarium are perfect for couples with difference preferences. Plus, they come in His & His or Her & Hers options. For more, please visit here.



DIY Mason Toothbrush Holder

Mason jars are all the rage in modern fashion. All you need is some pine boards, mason jars, and paint to put together this cute his and hers toothbrush holder. For more, please visit here.



2 Is Better Than 1 Shower Combos

VS-223010_SprayMockup_2013In the bathroom, deciding on a shower head to meet both your preferences may seem impossible. He likes fixed shower heads, she likes hand showers, he wants a massage shower head, she wants a rain shower head. That’s why Speakman® created their Shower Combos, to satisfy any desires your significant other may have. Each combination features a hand and fixed shower head that easily installs into your bathroom’s existing plumbing connections.

So if you’re into both a massage or handheld shower, a 2-way shower head combination may be perfect for you. Or if one prefers a fixed shower head, but the other wants the luxury of a spa like atmosphere, then our slide bar combinations may be the answer.

And in honor of harmonious bathroom living, all October long Speakman® is offering 15% off on all of their Shower Combos on Speakmanshowers.com. Just use the promo code “OCT13” when you check out. For more, please visit here.

image_120Make sure you connect with Speakman® on Facebook and Twitter for more monthly deals and promotions.


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