Meet The Optimus

ddddVery rarely do we truly see innovation. Sure, companies claim to be innovating, but it often ends up as just some marketing ploy geared to sway customers.

Take for example the iPhone 5s. A true testament to how machines should work. Intuitive. Fast. Simple. But is the latest version of the world’s most beloved smartphone really any different from its predecessor? Not really. Aside from a jazzed up camera and a pointless fingerprint scanner, the phone is nearly identical to the one that came out a year ago.

And yet, worldwide, users flock to Apple stores, standing in line for hours on end, just so they can be the first to say they own this exciting new product.

We at Speakman® try to let innovation speak for itself. When we begin designing fixtures, we don’t start with how we can sell it. We start by asking ourselves how we can solve the problems our users face on a day-to-day basis.

In the world of emergency equipment, the decisions you make mean everything. And for some reason, manufacturers seem to have a knack for making your decisions more difficult, providing nearly endless options for your safety equipment. Eyewash or face wash? Stainless steel or ABS plastic? Wall mounted or pedestal mounted? Emergency shower or no emergency shower?

It’s a mess.

We thought we could do better. We believed we could create one complete solution that would satisfy all of your safety needs. A product that would eliminate confusion, make decision making simple and efficient. A product that complies with every OSHA standard and features a 100% ANSI Z358.1 Certification.

Meet the Optimus™.

Optimus Eye and Face WashA dual aerated eyewash delivers soothing, comforting relief to the eyes in the event of a crisis.

Optimus Eye and Face WashTwo, side-panel face pads produce 66 individual sprays to provide full coverage support to all affected facial areas.

Optimus Eye and Face WashA simple push of the intuitive push handle lever simultaneously activates the drenching, comforting streams.

The Optimus™ can be wall mounted at any height to easily meet ADA specifications.

Optimus Eye and Face WashPedestal mount your Optimus™ for added stability and optimization.

Or combine it with an emergency shower to transform your Optimus™ into the ultimate emergency station.

The Optimus™ is available in a ABS plastic or a stainless steel construction to easily meet your preference.



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