The Bathroom Renovation Checklist

No matter how many DIY magazines you read, blog articles you surf, or home improvement television marathons you sit through, a bathroom renovation will sneak up on you as a costly, time consuming, overwhelming affair. Regardless of how prepared we assume we are, it’s easy to forget integral steps in the remodeling process.

But don’t let us scare you away, because a bathroom renovation can be an extremely exciting project to take on. The difference an expertly designed bathroom can make on your home’s atmosphere is astounding. The bathroom can, and should be, a hub for your creative juices, a center for serenity.

So, before you rush to the store to pick up tiles and paint, check out this helpful checklist we compiled below to assist you in your renovating decision making.

Chelsea-Room-Main1. Budget

If you haven’t already, writing out a budget is the absolute first place to start when beginning a bathroom renovation. Laying out a budget will help guide your decisions about what to include in your remodeling. Plus it gives you insight on what you need, and what you can live without.

2. Strategize

Strategizing your renovation is key to any project. By properly laying out your plan of attack, you’ll save yourself the frustration of making a horrendous mistake, resulting in a time wasting clean up. Our suggestion is to start from the top to bottom, remodel your ceilings, then walls, and finish with your floors, this way you can prevent damage to all involved components.

3. Select Your Style

Many tend to skip straight to this step before considering the previous two, but regardless, truly take a considerable amount of time deciding which personality is perfect for your bathroom. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen bathrooms suffer from personality disorders, a modernized designed shower head, a traditional faucet, clashing paint selections.

It just doesn’t work. Do some proper research, and select which one suits your desires best. At Speakman®, we created Shower and Bath Collections featuring cohesively designed fixtures to help with these difficult decisions. For more on some of these collections, please visit here.

The Edge Collection

The Edge Collection

3. Storage

This one step in the remodeling process can often plague even the most veteran of renovators. No bathroom is alike, each one has its own shape and layout. So, we can’t say this enough, know your measurements. Study your measurements. In fact, cuddle with your measurements at night until you start seeing everything as a blueprint. Knowing every corner, every crack, every border will allow you to make educated decisions when it comes to bathroom storage and cabinet choices.



5. Contractors

If all else fails, call a professional. They are trained to make your bathroom outrageously amazing. And we completely understand that you want the satisfaction of completing this project on your own, but when it comes to wiring, lighting, ventilation, gutting, and messing with plumbing…things can get messy. So, swallow your pride, give them a ring, and we promise your secret will be safe with us.

TiberRoom_SB-1821_WetFaucet-CloseupStarting a bathroom renovation? Be friends with us on Facebook and Twitter for daily renovation tips and tricks!


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