The Science Of Shower: Singing, Thinking, And Philosophizing In The Shower

A mystical, unexplained phenomenon occurs every time we step in to the shower. It’s in that brief time frame between drawing back your shower curtain and turning off the water where the answers to life’s most plaguing questions effortlessly become solved.

But why? Is there a reasonable explanation behind these mysterious events? Why on earth do we find solutions to our toughest conundrums while rinsing out our hair? Is there a reason why we sometimes stand lifeless, almost zombie like, absorbed in a state of near comatose as we day-dream our hot water away? And can someone please tell us why we belt out ballads as if we are winners of American Idol, when in all reality we sound like electrified cats?

Why do we do the things that we do in the shower?

showerWe at Speakman® needed answers. So we hired the nation’s top shower scientists, and collectively conducted experiments with over 500 participants, studying everything from brain waves during bathing, to the most common songs sung in the shower.

Our results?

Nothing…because we didn’t actually do that. But what we did do was send our crack research team out into the darkest depths of the World Wide Web to find answers. And what they found was that yes, there are reasons why we do what we do in the shower. For starters, interruptions are rare. Unless you’re one of those people who can’t go 5 minutes without being an arm’s length away from your cell phone, chances are you leave your iPhone outside of the bathroom. Which means that the lack of texts, tweets, and Candy Crush allows your mind to self-reflect. Also, the rush of water creates a sort of “white noise” that drowns out outside sounds, making concentration easier to come by.

Additionally, the shower has a direct impact on our senses. When we take a nice, warm shower, we become relaxed. When we become relaxed, we release a simple, organic chemical known as dopamine. Now, without getting to “sciencey,” the more dopamine that is released, the more creative we become, making the shower the ideal platform to, literally, get those creative juices flowing. It’s the reason why we come up with so many incredible ideas in the shower.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Are you still with us? Great, because the release of brain chemicals, technical talk, and the perfect positioning of the moon still doesn’t explain why we treat our soap bars like they are microphones.

One logical solution is that we assume we can’t be heard because we ourselves can’t hear past the confines of our shower doors. And although that may be true, the real reason behind our showering symphonies is hidden within your bathroom walls. The small, confined space of the bathroom, paired with hard surfaces and lack of cushioned upholsteries, combine to make an acoustically pleasing environment where our voices are enriched and sound quality improves.

So, please stop kidding yourself. There is a reason why your best audience is a bottle of shampoo and an exfoliating loofah, and not a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden.

So, there you have it. If you haven’t fallen asleep during the duration of this blog, we thank you for your undivided attention. We hope we have answered the questions as to “Why do we sing in the shower?” or “Why do we get our best ideas in the shower?“. If you fall into the category of bathing day dreamers, showering philosophers, or bathtub rock stars, we leave you with this paraphrased quote from the brilliant Mark Twain:

“Sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching, and make sure you have a shower mat during these actions so you don’t fall and potentially hurt yourself.”

Have any other unexplained bathroom phenomenons? Let us know! Be our friends on Facebook and Twitter and tell us all about it!


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