Speakman Proud To Announce Kevin Mayer as National Sales Manager

One man…With one mission…To be sent on an epic quest to expand Speakman’s Kingdom in the commercial and specification realm. His journey will not be easy, for he will be constantly tried by the likes of airport layovers, continental breakfasts, and Customer Service employees from notable rental car companies.

His task, which will take him to various regions across our nation, will change the world of commercial plumbing as we know it. For years, establishments have been using mediocre fixtures to satisfy their needs. Fixtures that grow flimsy with time. Fixtures whom costs do not reflect their quality. Fixtures that are undeserving of their place in this world. It is this man’s mission to show the difference Speakman® commercial plumbing makes.

Such a task must be bestowed upon capable hands. Hands that have traveled far and wide that know the tales of the trade inside and out. For this task needith hands that have slayed countless sales meetings, survived through numerous mundane luncheons, and endured the most excruciating of webinars.

For this task is to be trusted in the hands of just one man, Kevin Mayer, Speakman’s new National Sales Manager.32524ee

Okay, so maybe we went a little bit overboard. But what can we say? We have a flair for the dramatic.

But in all seriousness, we are beyond excited to introduce Kevin Mayer as our new National Sales Manager.

As mentioned before in Medieval lingo, Kevin will be responsible for growing the commercial and specification channel. Kevin comes highly qualified for this position as having previous leadership roles at ECR International, Briggs Industries and Kohler. Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Southeastern Louisiana University and currently resides in Texas with his wife and two children. Until the end of 2013, Kevin will also be directly managing our West Cost specification reps as well.

We at Speakman® are more than proud to have the extremely talented hands of Kevin Mayer joining our team.

To get in touch with Kevin on all things commercial plumbing related, or how to slay a horrific sales meeting, email him at kmayer@speakmancompany.com


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