Keeping Semesters Safe Since 1869

In between skipping classes, taking naps at 3 pm, complaining about textbook prices, taking selfies with puckered kissy faces, eating pizza in the middle of the night, wearing the same pair of sweatpants all week-long, going to the gym for only the first month of the semester and citing Wikipedia as your main source of info on your papers…college can be a pretty dangerous place.

As amazing as college can be, the dangers are apparent. The complete and utter freedom we give our college students the second parents pull away from campus can lead to some pretty unsafe situations.



For all the things that keep mom and dad up at night, safety in the classroom shouldn’t be one of them. But when you think about it, depending on your major, the classroom can potentially be an extremely hazardous environment. Of the 10 most popular college majors, 2 of them, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Health Professions and Clinical Sciences, deal directly with harmful chemicals and dangerous equipment regularly.



Luckily, groups like CSHEMA, Campus Safety, Health, and Environment Management Association, are in place to address the unique safety challenges that are found on a college or university campus setting. CSHEMA, founded in 1954, addresses everything from disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals to the most basic of human concerns, like ensuring a safe working environment for students and personnel.

And from July 12th to the 17th, CSHEMA will be taking over the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld for their 60th annual conference on all things safety. And we at Speakman® couldn’t be more honored to be amongst the many in attendance at this year’s conference.

masterBannerAt Speakman®, we take safety in the campus extremely seriously. We are consistently striving to create products that redefine safety in the workplace. This year, we are beyond proud to display both the SEF-1850 and SEF-1801 Eyesaver® Eye Wash Faucet Combinations.

CaptureFeaturing a patent-pending design, both units are equipped with two separate water supplies built within its lead free, solid brass frame, ensuring safe, cold to tepid water will always flow into the victim’s eye, regardless if hot water is flowing simultaneously from the faucet. The faucet installation feature provides for an intuitive location in the case of an emergency and also saves valuable laboratory space.

So if you’re attending this year’s CSHEMA conference in Orlando, Florida, make sure you stop on by and check out some of our products.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SpeakmanCompany, we’ll be tweeting live all conference long!


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