Because Some Things Are Worth Repeating

Have you noticed the surge in popularity currently circling around the decade known as the “Roarin’ 20’s?” You’d be blind not to. This decade seemingly reinvents itself in pop-culture regularly. It’s why 4.81 million people tuned in to the season premiere of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Or why the latest rendition of “The Great Gatsby” drew over $300 million worldwide at the box office (although Leonardo DiCaprio may have helped).



But why? Why are we so obsessed with a period in time that occurred nearly a century ago? Maybe it’s in the swing of social change that swept through pop culture at that time. People artistically expressing themselves freely through music, art, poetry, films, dance, etc…Maybe it is in the timeless fashion that is still relived today, as even Tiffany & Co. designed an era-inspired jewelry collection. Or maybe it’s just a simple fascination with the past, and how things once were.



There really is no right answer, all of the aforementioned explanations to our love affair with the 1920’s would be an acceptable example. But to us, at Speakman®, we have a different take on this obsession.


The 1920’s saw a revolution in technological advancements. Products that were made to last, and delivered a performance that you just can’t find anymore. It’s a principle in manufacturing that has guided our practices at Speakman® ever since we constructed our very first shower head over a 100 years ago.

It’s in this obsession with 1920’s lure, and our unwavering passion to deliver unrivaled quality that strive us to design fixtures that perfectly combined the two.

The result…the Anystream® Vintage™ and Anystream® Retro™ 6-Jet shower head.


Each model features a very distinct, era-inspired design. The Anystream® Vintage™ shower head features a bold, octagonal solid-brass frame, whereas the Anystream® Retro™ shower head embodies the timeless fashion of the 20’s with smooth, elegant curves flowing throughout its brass shell.

Both models were constructed to feature the exact same technology equipped on our famed Anystream® S-2251 Icon shower head. The performance provided by these two shower heads are outer-worldly. In fact, to attempt to find a collection of words capable of giving justice to the euphoric bathing experience these shower heads possess would be an utter impossibility.

The Vintage™ shower head and Retro™ shower head are both equipped with Anystream® technology. A simple 360 degree rotation in either direction will allow bather’s to choose from 3 diverse, powerful spray patterns suited perfectly to their preference. But the true secret to the performance lies in Speakman’s patented plunger system, which produces strong, soaking currents under any water pressure.

For more information on the Anystream® Vintage™ shower head or the Anystream® Retro™ shower head, or any of our other signature brass shower heads, please visit here.

Obsessed with the 20’s like us? Tell us what you love about this era the most! Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook and let us know!


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