The Luxurious Side of Mother Nature

It doesn’t really matter what romantic comedy it is – cause we could probably name a dozen off-hand – where somewhere along in the movie there is a scene where the on-screen couple enthusiastically run in slow motion towards each other, romantically collide, limbs entangled and passionately lock lips as a torrential downpour crashes down upon them.

There is something incredibly romantic about being completely drenched in a rain storm. Allowing the steady streams of rain drops to absorb your body can be an incredibly intimate moment. You can picture it can’t you? Standing in the street, arms stretched open, eyes closed, water soaking every inch of your existence.

We at Speakman® have become absolutely obsessed with this experience. To create a shower head that embodies the luxurious side of Mother Nature. To create a shower head that captures the very essence of Mother Nature.

But to be blunt, we believe that even Mother Nature herself could not conjure clouds perfect enough to produce the heavy rains spilling from the Speakman® Rainstream Rain Shower.

Available in either a round or square frame, the Speakman® Modern Rainstream Rain Shower features 96 individual flood-soaking currents flowing from 12 patented Rainstream spray nozzles. A durable, solid-brass construction ensures that even the unpredictability of the weather will never interrupt your morning monsoon.

captureBut it wasn’t enough, we thought we could do better. We thought we could drive this euphoric experience to a level that has yet to be explored. To create a unit that would provide users with a complete, spa-like experience right in their very own bathroom.

But we also knew the opinions associated with these products. That they’re daunting, expensive and typically require massive bathroom renovations. We thought we could remedy this assumption.

So we tested our engineers to develop an all-in-one bathroom fixture that wouldn’t require an extensive installation, but still provide an outer-worldly bathing experience.

The result…the Speakman Rainstream Waterslide.

sws-1003-bn_waterslide-rainroundThe Rainstream Waterslide features our Modern Rainstream™ Rain Shower with our Neo™ Anystream® hand shower. The Waterslide installs into your shower’s existing water source, meaning you won’t have to completely renovate your established plumbing system. A simple flip of the diverter switch allows you to choose between which setting you prefer. The Neo™ modern hand shower, equipped with Anystream® technology, is attached to an adjustable slide bar which can be easily positioned to your desired preference.

Mother Nature…eat your heart out.

For more information on the Speakman® Rainstream™ Waterslide, and our line of Modern Rainstream™ Rain Showers, please visit here.


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