We need to ask you something…What’s more amazing than a website that features awesome infographics, informative blog posts, and a plethora of outrageously ridiculous pictures from our industry’s top designers?

Nothing…that’s what. So without further adieu, we at Speakman® are beyond excited to introduce our newest website to our digital family…

ReactionSiteMany moons ago, we at Speakman® began a top-secret project with one goal in mind…to create the best Low Flow shower head this water wasting world has ever seen. We started this project for two reasons: The first, because the Low Flow shower head is by far the most misunderstood inanimate object the world has ever seen. The second, we are the largest water wasting, longest shower taking nation on this planet. Since their inception, the general public has associated Low Flow with low-performance.

So we wanted to correct this. Our team of expert engineers got together and developed a revolutionary technology aimed at changing the face of Low Flow forever. This patent pending technology, is scientifically engineered to produce powerful spray patterns that manipulate your senses into believing they are being massaged by a standard shower head. This technology is so ground-breaking, so innovative, so incredible, that it’s a complete and utter secret known only to a privileged few at Speakman® headquarters.


Because no amount of scientific mumbo-jumbo could possibly convince you of the hypnotic power this shower head possesses. No, see this is something that needs experiencing first hand. The blissful, powerful currents need to render your senses and seduce you into nirvana. Only then will you appreciate the difference this technology makes.

It’s in your reaction to this shower head that this technology truly blossoms and comes to life.

Which is why we are proud to introduce the appropriately named Reaction™ Low Flow shower head, the only Low Flow shower head you will enjoy.


So as you can probably see, we are a tad bit excited. And why shouldn’t we be? This high performance Low Flow shower head is the first of its kind, and is set to be a game changer in the world of water-efficient fixtures. And we thought that putting the Reaction™ shower head on our website just didn’t do it enough justice.

So that’s why we launched, the hub of all things Reaction™. Here, you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to know about the Reaction™ shower head. Color options, technology-talk, flow rate options, instructions to specify them, etc. You can also find some terrific information on how, and why, we should start taking steps to save some water, because let’s be honest, this is what it’s all about. When it comes down to it, you should be able to truly take an enjoyable, euphoric shower while still being able to save precious gallons of water from being wasted. It’s good for the environment, and good for your utility bills.

The Reaction™ Low Flow shower head will officially be unveiled at the 2013 Hospitality Design Expo on May 15th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. At HD Expo 2013, we will have a very specific location set exclusively for the Reaction™ shower head within the confines of our massive 20 by 40 foot booth. Also within our showroom floor will be our “Reaction Photobooth,” where we ask our guests to jump on in and take the most outrageous, most ridiculous, most fantabulous picture their heart’s desire.

However, although the Reaction™ Low Flow shower head will be unveiled at HD Expo 2013, they will not be available until October of 2013. You can however contact our hospitality representatives here to begin reserving the Reaction™ shower head now, because they are of limited quantity and you’ll want to save your order immediately.

Another sweet feature of is that you can check out all the sweet pictures we took in our photobooth while attending HD Expo.


So, if you have some time, and want to be completely mind-blown straight out of your computer chair and/or mobile device, then head on over to to check out the amazing Reaction™ Low Flow shower head, and some of the other awesome features up on that bad boy.

Join in on the convo! Follow us on Twitter and use #WhatsYourReaction to jump in on all things Reaction and HD Expo 2013.



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