What’s Safe in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

logoSpeakman Company is proud to announce that they will be one of the record-breaking 500-plus exhibitors at this year’s ASSE Safety 2013 Conference in Las Vegas on June 24th-27th.

The Safety 2013 Professional Development Conference and Exposition held by the American Society of Engineers (ASSE), is the largest Safety and Health event of the year with an expected 4,000 guests in attendance.

For more than 50 years, ASSE’s Safety Conference allows attendees the opportunity to evaluate their current safety practices, develop new skills, and network with a powerful community of colleagues.

This year, Speakman® is proud to be displaying their SEF-1850 Eyesaver™ Eye Wash Faucet Combination. The SEF-1850 combines a fully-functional laboratory faucet with an independently operated eye wash. Two separate water supplies built within the SEF-1850 ensure that non-scalding water will always flow from the eyewash.

Speakman® will also be showing off the SEF-1801 Eyesaver™ Eye Wash Faucet Combination, which features the exact same technology as the SEF-1850, but features a widespread laboratory faucet design.

These 2 in 1 revolutionary eye wash systems save valuable laboratory space, provides an instinctive location when posed with an emergency and takes safety in the laboratory to a whole new level.


For more on Speakman®, and the SEF family of eye washes, be sure to stop by Speakman’s booth at the ASSE Safety 2013 conference on June 24th to the 27th.



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