Introducing the New 2013 Shower and Bath Catalog

You’re not robots, at least we hope. You’re people, who have the same fears, likes and emotions as the rest of us. So why talk to you like you are, in fact, a robot? To us, at Speakman, it doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer or a contractor, a designer or an engineer, you want to be talked to like a person, because well, that’s what you are.

The practice of never-ending sales pitches, thousands upon thousands of spec sheets and dreadful black and white pictures is a dying breed. This year, we at Speakman have decided to shake things up a bit. When we began designing our new 2013 Shower and Bath Catalog, we wanted to approach our readers as readers, and not automated answering machines.

See, we believe that our Shower and Bath Collections have the power to turn a bathroom into a work of art. We believe a beautifully decorated bathroom can ignite inspiration and spark creativity.

We designed our new Catalog to show off our products in a different kind of light. We didn’t want to just display our products, we wanted to tell you the story of our products, and provide anyone who reads this Catalog (robots excluded), with a simple decision making process when selecting the perfect combination of fixtures suitable for their bathroom’s revamping.

2013 Shower and Bath Catalog

Pages from RGB_ShowerNBath2013_SpreadsLRNew Design:

Pages from RGB_ShowerNBath2013_SpreadsLR-2Each Collection featured in the 2013 Shower and Bath Catalog has it’s very own full, one page spread dedicated to showing off the specific Collection in a bathroom-type setting. Showing product shots just wasn’t giving our Collections the justice they deserved.

So we constructed full scaled bathrooms to show off the power these products possess. On each of these spreads we wanted to tell a story of how these Collections came to be. When we develop these products, so much more goes behind the planning than just taking a design to a machine and mass producing them. We create these products because we are inspired to do so. Telling their story gives our products a personality that we want to share with all of our readers.

User Friendly Layout:

Each Collection will have a detailed product map explaining the features and layout of the given products we highlight from each collection.

In addition, we made designing decisions simpler by showing every product offered in the given Collection all on the same page.


New Collections:

The true rock stars of our new Shower and Bath Catalog are our three new Collections we released in 2013, The Edge™Chelsea™ and Tiber™ Collection. Each Collection features distinct, unique designs aimed at completely jump starting your bathroom’s current decor.

When we began designing The Edge™ Collection, we wanted a design that would provide that “head-turning” factor in the bathroom. A collection of fixtures that would leave an impression on anyone who caught a glimpse of them. Each fixture featured within The Edge™ Collection has a very courageous, square design with sharp, crisp edges. We designed these fixtures to look like nothing currently on the market today.

We took a similar approach when designing the Tiber™ Collection as we did with The Edge™ Collection. We wanted bold, unique fixtures for the bathroom that also maintained a soft, humble side to embody modern elegance. We took the same square frame that is featured on The Edge™ Collection, but we intricately etched smooth curves into its sharp boarders. The result is a completely original, totally organic design that defines luxury in the modern bathroom.

For the Chelsea™ Collection, we took an entirely different approach. We became inspired by the idea of combining timeless style with modernized fashion, much like the posh Manhattan neighborhood for which it shares its name. We crafted the fixtures in the Chelsea™ Collection to feature fluid curvatures throughout their frames to exemplify elegance in the transitional bathroom.

Capture1Want the Speakman 2013 Shower and Bath Catalog to chill on that desktop of yours? Then click here to download for free!

showerandbathblastOr do you wanna have this baby hanging out on your coffee table? That’s fine to, just email us at, we’d love to send one over to you!

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