Introducing the SEF-1801: Your Eye’s Best Friend

Our eyes are important. That much is obvious. Those tiny spheres that sit on your face make sense of the world we view around us. They take in so much information each and every second that it is truly incredible how our eyes are capable to send such vital information to our brain so quickly.

But our eyes, as incredible as they are, are extremely sensitive. Aside from the natural pair of security guards they have on them at all times, our eyelids, they are still extremely vulnerable to hazardous materials regularly, especially in the workplace.



In a study conducted by the U.S. Labor Bureau, 27,450 workplace non-fatal injuries resulted in days out of work in 2008. Of those, about 10 percent were from chemical burns, that’s where Speakman comes in.

Chemical eye burns are a serious issue. Unlike regular burns, chemical eye burns continue burning until the hazardous materials are flushed out. Furthermore, we found that eyewash stations in the lab are poorly located, and often go untested. And in a state of panic, victims tend to instinctively turn to the sink for relief, which is not only an inefficient way of treating eye burns, but can also cause more damage than relief if scalding-hot water is inadvertently turned on in the midst of a crisis.

We think we could do better in the world of eye safety. Nearly 80 percent of vision problems worldwide are avoidable. So at Speakman, we challenged our team of engineers to develop products that would remedy existing issues in laboratory safety.

The result…the SEF-1801 “Eyesaver”.

SEF-1801The SEF-1801 is a revolutionary new, patent-pending, eyewash station that combines an independently operated eye wash with a fully functional widespread laboratory faucet. The two units can work independently or simultaneously with each other. The installation into a sink allows the recommended weekly testing to be simple and mess-free. Aerated sprays ensure a soothing, comfortable flush when in need of relief. And most importantly, two separate water supplies built within the SEF-1801 guarantees that safe, tepid water will consistently flow from the eyewash, regardless if scalding-hot water is running from the sink.

OSHA compliance standards dictates that eyewash stations should be accessible within 10 seconds of places where accidental exposure may be expected. Basically, eyewash stations must be easy to get to at a time the victim may be unable to see and be panicked. The SEF-1801, featuring a patent-pending design, can be installed anywhere a standard widespread laboratory is located, making it an intuitive location when injury occurs, and allows any workplace to become easily compliant to OSHA standards as it can be located practically anywhere within a laboratory setting.The SEF-1801 is 100% ANSI Z358.1 compliant, ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, and NSF 61 & CA AB 1953 certified.

For more information on the SEF-1801, and other products from the SEF family of eyewash systems, please visit here.


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