New 2013 Shower and Bath Collections

It was almost a year ago today that Speakman® unveiled their 2012 Shower and Bath Collections at HD Expo in Las Vegas. These stunning new collections featured unique, elegant designs that were never before seen in Speakman® fixtures. And more over, these collections displayed our venture in the world of luxury bathroom faucets and bathroom accessories. These collections were created to allow designers, consumers, and contractors alike to completely model a bathroom with cohesively designed fixtures from a brand that has been trusted for both quality and performance for nearly 145 years.

The response was overwhelming, and would end up sparking a era that we at Speakman® refer to as our “reinvention period.” We made a personal vow to consistently strive to go bigger and better each and every year. To test new boundaries and break borders within our industry.

So with that back story being said, it’s our pleasure to announce that at the 2013 Hospitality Design Expo in the gorgeous Las Vegas, Nevada, we will proudly unveiled three new Shower and Bath Collections, each featuring their own original, elegant features aimed at the effortless designing of the luxury bathroom.

The Edge™ Collection:

The Edge Single Lever Faucet SB-1511

The Edge Single Lever Faucet SB-1511

When we began designing The Edge™ Collection, we wanted a design that would provide that “head-turning” factor in the bathroom. A collection of fixtures that would leave an impression on anyone who caught a glimpse of them. When we started the crafting of them we continuously kept bold, unique and adventurous in our minds.

Each fixture featured within The Edge™ Collection has a very courageous, square design with sharp, crisp edges. We designed these fixtures to look like nothing currently on the market today. The Edge™ Collection includes a Anystream® fixed shower head; single lever, widespread and roman tub faucets; tubspouts; valves with trim and complete shower system packages that are cohesively designed to rejuvenate your bathroom’s decor.

The Edge Anystream Shower Head S-3021

The Edge Anystream Shower Head S-3021

Tiber™ Collection:

Tiber Anystream Shower Head S-3023

Tiber Anystream Shower Head S-3023

We took a similar approach when designing the Tiber™ Collection as we did with The Edge™ Collection. We wanted bold, unique fixtures for the bathroom that also maintained a soft, humble side to embody modern elegance.

We took the same square frame that is featured on The Edge™ collection, but we intricately etched smooth curves into its sharp boarders. The result is a completely original, totally organic design that defines luxury in the modern bathroom. The Tiber™ Collection includes a fixed Anystream® shower head; single lever and widespread bathroom faucets; valves and trim and shower system packages.

Tiber Widespread Faucet SB-1821

Tiber Widespread Faucet SB-1821

Chelsea™ Collection:

Chelsea Collection

Chelsea Collection

For the Chelsea™ Collection, we took an entirely different approach. We became inspired by the idea of combining timeless style with modernized fashion, much like the posh Manhattan neighborhood for which it shares its name.

We crafted the fixtures in the Chelsea™ Collection to feature fluid curvatures throughout their frames to exemplify elegance in the transitional bathroom. The Chelsea™ Collection includes a Anystream® fixed shower head; centerset and widespread bathroom faucets; valves with trim and shower system packages.

Capture1Now of course, each collection features products that epitomize Speakman® quality and performance. Our patented Anystream® technology featured on each shower head in all three collections delivers versatile, euphoric spray patterns that suit to any bather’s preference. An effortless 360° rotation of the shower head in either direction produces either massaging, intense or flooding spray streams, allowing the bather to choose which setting is perfect for them.

The pressure balance valve ensures uninterrupted pressure and temperature throughout the shower, and also regulates the water temperature from ever becoming scalding-hot.

For more information on these new collections, and our other incredible Shower and Bath Collections, please visit here.

Which Collection do you love the most? Let us know! Follow us on Twitter @SpeakmanCompany and vote for your favorite using either #LiveOnTheEdge, #SwimTheTiber, or #WestSideElegance.


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