We’re Coming HD Expo, and We’re Coming Big!

HDE13_FinalWebHeader-MN_HEADER-1349732148Baseball has the World Series. Football has the Super Bowl. The Wizarding World has their Quidditch World Cup. And in our business…the hospitality business…we have the HD Expo…A massive three day event held in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, where some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers gather to unveil their latest, cutting-edge innovations to all the leaders in the hospitality community.

So, as you can imagine, it’s kind of a big deal, and we are absolutely delighted to have been invited back for our 6th straight appearance. And since we think of ourselves as sort of veterans at the HD Expo, we’ve started to notice something after all our years in attendance. We’ve noticed that the folks at Hospitality Design tend to go a little bigger each and every time they roll back into Sin City. And this year is no exception. With over 900 exhibitors and a record-breaking 7000 confirmed attendees filling the floors of the enormous Mandalay Bay convention center, it’s a distinct possibility that the 2013 HD Expo may shut Las Vegas down.

Therefore, we at Speakman needed to go bigger as well. We needed to challenge ourselves further than we ever have before. You see, we at Speakman have a rich history of consistently dedicating our practices to constant innovation. Our Anystream 360 technology introduced the actual concept of showering nearly 100 years ago. Our extensive line of emergency equipment, like the SEF-1850, continues to redefine safety by creating products that persistently strive to explore new boundaries in the laboratory. And most recently, our gorgeous Hospitality Collections continue to bring new meaning to the standard of elegance in the luxury bathroom.

So to no surprise, we’ve put more effort into this year’s HD Expo than to any event we’ve ever attended in our company’s history. We brought our top engineers, designers and creatives together to brainstorm a plan of attack on how we could make some noise at this year’s Expo. We compiled countless customer reviews, customer emails and customer comments that address problems, and also excellence, in our industry. Lastly, we took a long, hard look in the mirror and addressed what we ourselves did right, what we did wrong and what we could do better.

We started with our booth at HD Expo. How could we do better than our previous years? Well, thanks to the insanely talented minds at DesignShop in Orlando Florida, we’ve completely revitalized our booth at HD Expo. In fact, to call this creation we’re constructing a “booth” would be an injustice to the mammoth structure being featured at this event. Measuring out to an impressive 20′ by 40′ foot construction, our latest showpiece will double the size of any structure we’ve built in the past. The booth will feature crisp high definition screens, beautiful LED display boards, model luxury bathroom showpieces and a lounge seating area for our guests to hang out in when they stop by our booth.

But of course, in the spirit of Vegas, the “City of Sin,” we figured what’s a party without a few drinks? So we installed a fully stocked bar that will be serving signature cocktails for all our guests that stop on by. Oh, did we mention it’s also an open bar? Yeah, that’s right, so let’s get wild, because in the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” we’re here to have fun, and you should be to!

So let’s see: we have drinks, we have comfortable seats, we have gorgeous, eye-popping displays. But now we need to impress you. We need to blow you away from both a performance standpoint and from an elegance standpoint. We need to create products that grab your attention even more than our breathtaking booth. So we decided to test some uncharted fashion waters that our company has never traveled before. Our end result is three exciting new collections that embody elegance for any style bathroom you wish to have.

S-3021-Edge-BlackTo adhere to the demands of popularized trends in modernized bathrooms, we created The Edge Collection to provide that head turning factor in your bathroom’s decor. Featuring a distinct, square frame with sharp, crisp edges, The Edge Collection is a unique alternative to traditional bathroom fixtures.

Of course, not everyone wants to be bold in the bathroom. So we took the same square design of The Edge Collection and added soft, subtle curves around the frame to provide a more delicate look for the transitional bathroom. The result is the artfully elegant renderings of the Tiber Collection. The Tiber Collection was designed to fit both modern and traditional bathroom decor, providing just enough pop to make a statement but also the perfect amount of conventional touch to blend with your traditional bathroom’s existing decor.

Tiber Shower Head

Tiber Shower Head

Chelsea Shower Head

Chelsea Shower Head

Last, but by no means least, we will introduce the Chelsea Collection at this year’s HD Expo. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the fashion-savvy Manhattan neighborhood that shares its name, the Chelsea Collection features smooth, circular designs that exemplifies luxury in the traditional bathroom.

But we feel we’re still missing something. That one overwhelming “x-factor” that has the potential to blow the roof clear off the walls of the Mandalay Bay convention center. So we went back to the drawing board. We took all of our expert engineers and locked them away in complete isolation. We told them they could leave the confines of our Speakman campus if, and only when they produced something that would change the showering world forever. After a few public disputes with human rights organizations and a couple of pending lawsuits, it was finally worth it….Because at this year’s HD Expo we will be unveiling something so huge, so amazing, so incredible, that we can’t wait to see your Reaction. In fact, we think your Reaction will be one to remember. We think your Reaction will last a lifetime.

At HD Expo 2013, the Speakman Company is proud to announce the release of…

Now wait just a minute, you didn’t think we’d spoil the surprise did you? You’ll just have to come over to our booth to find out, because this announcement is far to gigantic for one blog post to give it justice. So on May 15th when the doors open to the Mandalay Bay convention center, make sure you rush on over to booth 1801 for a Reaction you’ll never forget.

Are you as excited as us over the HD Expo? Curious as to what our surprise will be? Wanna just Tweet at us for no reason at all? Then get in on the conversation with us! Follow us on Twitter @SpeakmanCompany and use the hashtag #WhatsYourReaction and let us know what you think the big surprise at HD Expo might be.


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