New Extended Hours from Speakman Customer Care

You’ve just bought a product. You’re excited, ecstatic, you’re enthusiasm cannot be contained. You rush home to play with it, assemble it, enjoy it…and then…it doesn’t work the way it was intended to. You’re frustrated, upset, disgruntled and heartbroken. You demand answers, you feverishly search the manufacturer’s website for the right phone number. You find it, you frantically punch them into your telephone. It rings, and rings, and rings and finally…a voice message. You deflate as you hang on to every word that the automated, computer-generated voice spills into your phone’s speaker… “We’re sorry, our offices are closed for the day. Please call back tomorrow,” the voice proclaims coldly.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve reached the point of no return. You’ve considered driving down to the manufacturer’s headquarters, finding the machine that’s responsible for creating that miserable computer-generated voice and going all “Office Space” on that baby. But instead you settle on writing a negative review on Yelp and you move on with your life.

But the damage has been done, all the positive energy you once possessed is completely thrown out the window. Your relationship with that company is forever destroyed. Lose, lose, no win situation for all those involved.

Of course, these instances can never be 100% prevented as offices are only open for a certain amount of time. But we found that at Speakman, these missed customer service inquiries were occurring due to us not compensating for our West Coast peeps’ time difference.

Well, Speakman has heard your complaints. We took our top executives and locked them in a room for days on end. We deprived them of basic survival needs until a reasonable solution for this dilemma was brought to fruition. After a few days spent in isolation, a couple of minor panic attacks and one rare case of Typhus (we’re still not sure how that happened), we think we’ve developed a resolution.

Are you ready?

Are you sure because it’s a pretty big deal?

Okay, cause here it is…

We will be extending the hours of our Customer Care Department to compensate for all our customers on the West Coast.

Now, now…please hold off all applause until the blog has reached its conclusion. But we know…we are pretty spectacular right? To our frustrated customers, you can now say goodbye to the days of automated machines and attempting to compensate for your differences in time zones. For the first time in your lives you can bid farewell to taking pictures of your lunches and posting them to Instagram…(it was worth a shot right?)

We’ve also created specialized teams specific to your region that will provide project quoting, order processing and all other sales and customer support inquiries.

Below you can check out in more detail the specifics of our announcement:


We hope that this helps out in all of your future endeavors with Speakman. In all seriousness, we take your opinions very seriously, and we constantly attempt to achieve the highest quality of customer service possible to all of our consumers. Thank you so much for being a Speakman customer, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 800.537.2107 or email us anytime at


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