Speakman SEF-1850: A Revolution in Emergency Eyewashes

In the event of a chemical eye burn, panic ensues. Our senses are rendered and instinct naturally takes over. Our reflexes instantly rush us to the nearest location of relief…the sink, safety showers, eyewash stations, etc…

Speakman3x500Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many of these stations tend to do more harm than good in the case of an emergency. Eyewash stations are poorly located and often untested. Introductions of faucet-mount devices that attach to existing faucets attempted to amend the victim’s natural reaction to scramble to the sink, but in the midst of confusion, victims can inadvertently flush scolding-hot water into their eyes.

Our newest eyewash faucet model, the Speakman SEF-1850, is a revolutionary product that combines a lab faucet with an independently operated eyewash. With a simple pull of the lever, water will instantly flush into the eyes of the burn victim. Two separate water supplies ensure that cold to tepid water will bring immediate relief to the victim, regardless if hot water is running from the sink simultaneously.

The Speakman SEF-1850 solves other safety issues in the lab. Studies have shown that laboratory’s rarely test their eyewash systems due to the mess it makes during simulation. However, all the water dispersed from the SEF-1850 will be collected in the sink it is installed to. So recommended weekly testing is easier to come by.

The Speakman SEF-1850 meets all ANSI Z358.1 national standards and requires no additional space to be installed. The SEF-1850 will save valuable laboratory counter space, solve most eyewash station problems and most importantly, save potential long-lasting eye injuries in a precise, efficient manner.

For more information on the Speakman SEF-1850, and other tips for safety in the lab, click here.Speakman1x500


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