Speakman Company Commercial Faucets Meets Watersense Standard Low Flow Rate

February 1, 2013

New Castle, Del. — WaterSense® awareness has become a prevalent issue over the years and is now in effect and is helping to transform the plumbing industry2.2 Conversion to 1.5 Reference. As a part of the global community, Speakman Company has been working to convert their commercial faucet line to meet the low flow standard of 1.5 gpm.

In response to WaterSense® awareness, Speakman, a quality leader in the commercial plumbing industry for 144 years, has now converted a majority of its faucet families to meet Watesense certified requirement of 1.5 gpm, while still maintaining the high quality expected from Speakman Products.

From many industry demands for low flow faucets from the market, Speakman will be certifying most of our commercial faucets to WaterSense®.  Speakman’s –LF option will now become 1.5 GPM.

Speakman will still carry some repair parts for 2.2 gpm aerators in the event customers have a demand for 2.2 gpm faucets.

For reference, please click to see Commercial Faucets Product Numbers.


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