Choose Speakman Low Flow Showerheads!

Quick Guide to NYC Low Flow Showerhead Regulations

Effective July 1, 2012

Local Law 57 states New York City water efficiency consumption will change from 2.5 GPM @ 80 psi to 2.0 GPM for Plumbing Fixtures and Fixtures fittings.

  • Code changes apply to new construction and the repair or replacement of existing structures and fittings.
  • IAPMO states that on average, a typical New Yorker uses 125 gallons of water every day. 10% of which is used showering.  Switching to low flow will average a savings of $40.00/year.
  • When utilizing a water savings showerhead to conserve water it is critical to select a shower valve that provides code approved thermal shock protection. The Speakman shower valve is 3rd party tested and approved to meet the ASSE 1016 pressure balancing requirement to flow down to 1.5 GPM

Speakman Low Flow Showerheads Guarantee an Unbeatable Spray Force at any Pressure:

  • Spray force is tested against the minimum performance requirement set by WaterSense® of 2.0 oz of force
  • Speakman’s 2252-E2 performs as seen below @ 2x industry standard at 30 psi and at almost 3x industry standard at 80 psi

In fact, Speakman Low Flow Showerheads were just featured in Fine Homebuilding’s Kitchen and Bath Planning Guide 2012.

For more information of eco friendly showerheads, please visit

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