Speakman Company to Exhibit Safety Products at ASSE 2012 Expo (Booth # 535)

New Castle, DE; May 24, 2012– Speakman Company will be showcasing their line of safety products at the upcoming American Society of Safety Engineers Exposition at the Denver Colorado Convention  Center in Denver, CO on June 3-5, 2012, booth #535.  Speakman Company is proud to have been the innovated leader of safety products since 1939 with the introduction of the first emergency shower.

This year, Speakman will be highlighting their Combination Eyewash and Lavatory Faucet. The SEF-1800 Eyesaver® line, offers a unique design by combining a fully functional gooseneck faucet with an independently operated eyewash. This patented design incorporates two separate water channels in the faucet body allowing a controlled water temperate for the eyewash while sink faucets operates on its own water supply. A simple pull activates the eyewash to safely flush out the eyes with a safe water temperature .

Speakman will also be displaying their Traditional Series Eyewash Decontamination Station. The combination unit provides solutions for any application requiring full body drenching and eye flushing. With a simple activation by a visible yellow pull rod, the deluge showerhead will release for maximum protection.

Speakman Company is proud to have created safety solutions for the industrial market since the late 1930’s.  Speakman understands the importance of safety products when necessary and is determined to provide the “safest choice” if faced with a hazardous situation.

Be sure to visit booth # 535 during ASSE Expo 2012 to view the wide array of safety products that Speakman has to offer.  Speakman representatives will be happy to solve you Safety needs.


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