Speakman Sells Evaporative Cooling Business

New Castle DE; Speakman Company announced that they have sold its Speakman Cooling business which consists of two individual product lines.   The OASys and the Air2O lines have been sold to two separate interested parties.

The Speakman Cooling business is part of Speakman Company, a 143 year old plumbing company. Speakman Cooling started its business in 2005 with the introduction of OASys- an advanced indirect/direct evaporative cooling technology. The OASys IDEC product line was purchased by Practical Renewable Energy Corp. of Las Vegas, NV. Practical Renewable Energy may be contacted at 702-463-2642.

In 2010, Speakman Cooling moved beyond the OASys™ line and launched the Air2O™, a unique and sustainable line of Indirect/Direct evaporative coolers. This product line was purchased by Green Air Company.  AirMax Industries, LLC of Fresno, Ca is the US distribution arm of Green Air Company. AirMax contact information is as follows:

Cell: +1 (916) 248-0943

Phone: +1 (559) 245-COLD (2653)

Fax:+1 (801) 218-0943

E-mail:  msalem@Airmax-Solutions.com

Web:     www.Airmax-Solutions.com


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