Get Fresh with Anystream Refresh Showerheads

Speakman Company is pleased to introduce the Anystream® Refresh Collection.  The Anystream® Refresh showerheads are one of the many new showerhead collections introduced by Speakman during the February launch of the renewed shower product line.

The Anystream® Refresh Collection features three design aesthetics; contemporary, traditional and modern to appeal to varying user preferences.  Each Refresh style offers a unique spray configuration of massage, needle and full-body flood sprays.  The family includes three fixed, three hand-held shower, and nine unique combination showers available in both polished chrome and brushed nickel.

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All Refresh showerheads feature the innovative Anystream 360º™ spray technology.  Developed by Speakman’s engineering team, Anystream 360º™ spray technology allows Speakman Anystream showerheads to achieve a 360º rotation to the spray adjusting mechanism (handle or faceplate).  This adjustability allows the user to make small incremental adjustments to the spray of the showerhead and transition effortlessly through an infinite number of sprays.  Speakman’s Refresh showerheads smoothly transition through 360 degrees of unique sprays by turning the faceplate.

To see all the showerhead in the Refresh Collection as well as the full Speakman Shower products line, please visit


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