Get Digitial with Speakman & eForms

Speakman is going green and digital with the introduction of eForms!

eForms is our new system which allows us to electronically transit order information, via email to our customers in real time. eForms eliminates paper &  US Mail, transmitting your information as soon as it is available rather than in days through mail.  Customers will still be able to view and track order status on, but by opting in for e-forms will change how we send documents to you.  eForms documents include:

  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Shipment Notifications (ASN)
  • Invoices
  • Product pricing, promotion and/or discontinuations

Another feature of eForms is the ability to send the same e-mail to multiple contacts at your company each time an email goes out. For example purchasing and receiving can get an Advance Shipment Notice so both departments are prepared for the order’s arrival.  You also have the ability to select the format of your documents, HTML in the body of the e-mail, a PDF attachment or both.

Ready to sign-up for emails and start receiving your order information electronically?  Click here to sign-up! Please note on the survey many fields are required to ensure we have the right people for the right documents within your account, having complete information is critical to ensuring you get the most of out of the eForms system.  If you have questions you can reach us at 1-800-537-2107.



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