Speakman’s # 1 Showerhead Gets Facelift

Today our S-2251 family will be changing to a new look!  As part of our Shower Product changes for 2011, our well known 8-Jet Anystream Showerhead has received some aesthetic upgrades (similar to our S-2252). Check out the full press release below!  It’s a must have for any Speakman showerhead fan…

New Castle, DE July 5, 2011 – Speakman Company is pleased to unveil the newly redesigned Anystream® Icon™ 8-Jet showerhead. The Icon 8-Jet also known as the Speakman # 1 is one of Speakman’s most recognizable showerheads.

            The newly redesigned Anysteam® Icon 8-Jet showerhead joins the Icon 6-jet showerhead, which was redesigned and introduced in March. The Anystream® Icon™ showerheads have undergone many changes over the years but still retain their signature spray performance which made them famous throughout the plumbing and hospitality industry.

Upgrades to the product included a metal faceplate free from screw holes, contoured peanut handle, and extended body to create a smooth body shape up to the connection ball.

All Anystream® Icon showerheads feature the Anystream 360º™ spray technology.  Developed by Speakman’s engineering team, Anystream 360º™ spray technology allows Speakman Anystream showerheads to achieve a 360º rotation to the spray adjusting handle.  This adjustability allows the user to make incremental adjustments to the spray of the showerhead and transition effortlessly through an infinite number of sprays.

To see all the full Speakman Shower products line, please visit SpeakmanCompany.com.




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