This is a Man’s World…

The great James Brown once said “This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.”  The world of plumbing has traditionally been a man’s world with most plumbers, engineers, sales reps, and wholesalers being roles filled by men.  Over the year our observation has been this is changing with more and more women becoming involved with the world of plumbing!  We think it’s pretty awesome actually and would like to introduce you to some of Speakman’s Ladies of Plumbing you may not ever talk to…

  • Jessica Brinson – Quotations Specialist
  • Andrea Gafford – Marketing Coordinator
  • Paula Graney – Quotations Manager
  • Tracie Grier – Customer Service Manager
  • Ellen Martin – Graphic Designer
  • Stefanie Podolak – Marketing Associate
  • Kiwanna Purdie – Production Supervisor
  • Melissa Rivera – IT Manager
  • Victoria Silow – Director of Marketing
  • Mary Ann Summers – Export Manager
  • Amy Thompson – Product Coordinator
  • Michelle Thompson – Quotations Specialist
  • Stephanie Weston – Sales Support

We want to know if you’ve noticed more women in plumbing in recent history?  Anyone in particular stand out to you?


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