June is National Safety Month!

June is National Safety Month in the U.S. a time when the National Safety Council promotes various topics surrounding safety and encourages organizations and individuals to get involved to create safer work and living environments.

This year the National Safety Council is focusing on preventing overexertion, teen driving safety, preventing slips, trips, and falls, and on the road, off the phone.

While June is the month that a focus is put on safety, in our industry safety is a priority every day.  For plumbing we need to ensure that we install products which protect users from scalding hot water.  Scalding is a serious injury which in some cases can even be fatal.  When selecting products for your projects and installing them, remember to carefully read all installation instructions to find out what temperature your items are set at when they ship from the factory and what is a safe range they can be adjusted to.

In the safety industry, when it comes to emergency equipment, safety must always be a priority.  If your facility need emergency eyewashes and showers, remember that it is not an item that should be purchased and installed on a whim.  While no one ever wants to use these products, they are some of the most critical pieces of equipment you can have in your facility as they could save your life or the life of one of your works someday.  Remember when purchasing these items to make sure they are ANSI certified.  Once installed it’s critical to test these items on a regular basis to make sure they will be working in an emergency.


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