Yep you read that right, Viva Las Hospitality!  Las Vegas is being invaded once again by the 2011 Hospitality Design Expo and Speakman has never been more excited to exhibit!

You won’t believe your eyes when you find Speakman’s booth on the show floor this year… Speakman’s marketing team has revamped the Speakman hospitality trade show experience by creating a 20 x 20 spa-like booth packed with ALL NEW PRODUCTS!

The HD Expo will be the first time Speakman presents their recently launched new shower product line to the hospitality industry.  If this wasn’t enough to bring you to the booth, Speakman will also be unveiling some exciting additions to their hospitality beyond the showerhead.

Rumor had it that if you stop by the booth Speakman will be giving away free showerheads…you should probably make a point to stop by so you can get a fabulous new showerhead!

You can find Speakman at the Hospitality Design Expo at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on May 18-20 2011. (Booth # 4072).


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