Important Product Discontinuation Notice

Please read an important product discontinuation notice from our Director of Sales:

Dear Valued Customer,

The FDA notified us that prefilled industrial eyewash cartridges used in self contained eyewashes are now considered over the counter drugs and must comply with all FDA OTC drug requirements.

As such it is no longer economically feasible to continue producing the SE-4270 EyeMedic Cartridges.  Consequently we are discontinuing the SE-4700/SE-4270 product line effective immediately.

For your customers who have purchased this product previously and need the SE-4270 refills we would suggest offering them the SE-4300 Gravityflo Eyewash.  While this may not be an exact equal, it will provide them with an ANSI Z358.1 approved eyewash at a price comparable to a set of SE-4270 cartridges.

Thanks for your continued support of Speakman Company products.

Imants Stebris

Director of Sales


2 thoughts on “Important Product Discontinuation Notice

  1. Ivan Hunter says:

    It’s a shame you stop production of these bagless units. They worked very well in our confined work areas, now we don’t know what to do now. We thought with time you would let someone else make them for you. when our units gets very clost to expiring we may choose to use Fendalls units, we had them before and in our areas where people have limited access to work in. It’s a shame we have about 150 units they will be junk soon.

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