ADA Compliance Explained

Confused at all by the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for plumbing products and the American National Standard?  What are the differences between the two standards?  Here’s a quick overview for your reference when ADA compliance questions arise:

  • Faucets: The ADA Accessibility Guidelines specify that faucets need to be lever, push-type, or electronically controlled operating mechanisms.  In the event that a faucet is self-closing, such as a metering faucet, the faucet must remain open and running for at least 10 seconds.  The force necessary to activate these faucets must be less than five pounds force.

o    Speakman Compliant Products: Any Sensorflo® Faucet, Metering Faucet or Lavatory faucet with a Lever, Revere Lever, 4 In. or 6 In. Wrist Blade Handle.

  • Shower Units (4.20.6): According to the ADA Accessibility Guide: A shower spray unit must have a hose which is at least 60 in or longer, which can be used as a fixed or hand-held showerhead.  For showers, The American National Standard also adds to this standard that to be ADA accessible, hand-held showers should include a non-positive shut-off control which turns of the flow of water using a control on the actual hand—held shower.

o    Speakman Compliant Products: VS-1000-AF, VS-1000-AF-PC, VS-1001-ADA, VS-1001-ADA-PC, VS-2054 & VS-2954.

  • Shower Valves: The ADA Accessibility Guidelines state that valves fall under many of the same compliance regulations as faucets.  They must be lever or electronically operated and require less than five pounds force to operate.

o    Speakman Compliant Products: Any of our Sentinel Mark® II or SentinelPro™ Shower Valves

  • Flush Valves: Both the ADA Accessibility Guidelines and the American National Standard specify that flush controls need to be hand-operated 9with one hand) or automatic.  If controls are hand-operated they must again fall under the same guidelines as faucets and shower valves.

o    Speakman Compliant Products: Any of our SensorFlo® Flush Valves


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