K/BIS 2011 – Come Visit Us!

It’s hard to believe it’s spring already.  With spring comes the start of trade show season for Speakman!  We’re getting all geared up to exhibiting at the upcoming Kitchen and Bath Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV on April 26-28, 2011. (Booth # C-4589).  During the expo Speakman will be showcasing the latest additions to their notorious showerhead line.

Shower introductions include the new product line which prominently features the innovative Anystream 360º™ spray technology.  Developed by Speakman’s engineering team, Anystream 360º™ spray technology allows Speakman Anystream showerheads to achieve a 360º rotation to the spray adjusting mechanism (handle or faceplate).This adjustability allows the user to make small incremental adjustments to the spray of the showerhead and transition effortlessly through an infinite number of full body sprays. Each showerhead has center jets that deliver massage streams for a relaxing feel; perfect for sore muscles.

I personally will be manning the booth for the duration of the show, feel free to stop by so we can chat about our new showerheads and coming soon new products!


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